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expletives used informally as intensifiers

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Not only was I doing my darnedest to teach him how to have sex, but I also fed him, and let's not forget about all the work I put into his photographs.
We love these young dogs, mostly because they're so darned' cute and do the darnedest things.
At Kilworthy tomorrow she has at least three rides, and while other women are expected to overhaul her for the title, she says: "I'll be trying my darnedest to get as many winners as possible.
She's always doing her darnedest to do her job and do it right.
It doesn't mean we can solve everything but we know who the players are and we'll do our darnedest to get them to the right place and get them the help and assistance they deserve.
Children with Autism are still children, and still say the darnedest things.
the people from Cerberus, who bought Chrysler and then seemingly did their darnedest to destroy it), (3) incompetent executives, (4) the "Green Horde" (those who embrace "green" without considering all of the ramifications, both economic and environmental), and (5) people who think that manufacturing capability isn't essential for the health and well being of the United States:
As the mystery woman, Angelina Joliedoes her darnedest,.
Elk meat is generally very good, and a couple hundred pounds is a nice bonus to a hunt--even though today's airlines do their darnedest to make bringing elk meat back from Colorado almost as impossible as bringing kudu meat back from Africa.
But it's the darnedest thing, because I wasn't focusing on what was happening, I was watching an ant cross on the clothesline, so the poem starts out with "If an ant crossing on the clothesline/from apple tree to apple tree,/would think and think,/it probably could not dream up Albert Einstein.
Still another case of speaker as own listener repertoires probably occurs in the emission of verb endings colloquially often associated with the cliche "kids say the darnedest things" (Pinker, 1992).
Kids sometimes ask the darnedest things when state legislators visit their classrooms.
We try our darnedest to cover our 750 employees the best we can.
The supermarkets might be doing their darnedest to cut plastic bag usage in stores.
We are going to try our darnedest to obey his order," said George, who said the ruling does not come as a surprise and he has been trying to "beef up" his staff of 43 lawyers.