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Synonyms for darmstadtium

a radioactive transuranic element

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A special feature of the darmstadtium's innovative network will be its direct virtual private network (VPN) link to the scientific network of the University of Technology and the Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt, which could, for example, provide the time-critical data communication between the individual locations required for multimedia presentations at technical congresses in the darmstadtium.
nickel, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, tin, mercury, gold, hafnium, copper, indium, cobalt, iridium, oxygen, darmstadtium, xenon, rubidium, neon, yttrium, lead, bismuth, argon, lutetium, carbon, helium, radon, lithium, boron, caesium, krypton, calcium, hydrogen.
The free construction site is situated at the Erich Ollenhauer Promenade, an important urban FuE-verbindung between downtown and MathildenhE[micro]he, opposite the convention center Darmstadtium.
And Darmstadt, where I live, is perhaps most famous its elemental research: six of the elements currently known to science were discovered here, including of course element 110, darmstadtium.