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a room in which photographs are developed

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Whether it is replacing old darkroom laboratories or simply buying a high-end digital photographic printer such as the Kodak 9810 or ML-500, F&D has the product agencies need at the lowest possible cost.
What once took hours of trial-and-error in a darkroom can now be accomplished in minutes in a retail store.
Because it requires no darkroom process or special plumbing, the Imation DryView 8100 system can be located virtually anywhere.
AS the first picture editor of The Independent and working as a photographer across the world, Alun John's career had many highlights, but his recent book Darkroom to Boardroom reveals it all began with one of Wales' most famous images.
Amid these chambers are, again, darkrooms draped with rows of black and white images of an uncannily depopulated city.
Universities with fine-art photography programs are keeping their darkrooms, but also are adding digital capabilities," Young says.
WINDING~ ON is an open-access darkroom based in the WINDING ROOM STUDIOS at Turnbridge Mill, behind the Sports Centre, by the canal on Quay Street.
The only reality is the darkroom of the artist's mind--sensitized by feeling and memory--which develops truth from the minutiae of impressions, to reveal the timeless laws underlying apparent chaos.
Union officials said yesterday that they had received letters and calls from darkroom technicians in Mearnskirk Hospital on Glasgow's south side, Ravenscraig Hospital in Greenock, Renfrewshire, and Hawkhead Hospital in Paisley.
Helios Dry Film is not sensitive to light, eliminating wet chemical processing, darkrooms and cassettes, as well as the operating costs and hazards associated with the use and disposal of wet chemicals.
Groups like Vereinigung der Arbeiter-fotografen Deutschlands (Association of German worker photographers), which gave members access to darkrooms and to communally purchased equipment, were publishing their photographs in magazines like Der Arbeiter-Fotograf (The worker-photographer, 1926-33) and the Arbeiter Illustrierte-Zeitung (Workers illustrated news, 1924-33, known as AIZ).
DALLAS, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Darkroom Software has launched a new build of Darkroom version 9.