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a room in which photographs are developed

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Despite leading a furlong out, Darkroom Angel could not deliver - victory would have sent the punter's winnings into the many millions but Hills, like most firms, cap payouts at PS1m - yet PS246,238.
Virginia Styles spent many years inside her DarkRoom developing and creating codes to communicate secret messages through her pictures until she lost her memory.
I went home, built a darkroom in my parents' basement and spent the next five years there with the negatives from my Rolleiflex and Nikon.
What exactly happens in a darkroom was shown in a continuous loop from Carlos Aires.
Phil Thomas was working in the darkroom of the South Wales Echo on October 21, 1966, when he helped to capture one of the biggest disasters in Welsh history.
In Darkroom, as an adult looking back, she narrates how the epic events of the civil rights era in the American South influenced her years growing up.
The amenities of the Ybor Resort and Spa include a courtyard with a 300-square-foot Jacuzzi, dry sauna, billiard table and "gang showers" to go along with its new steamroom and darkroom.
It's different from our recent label mix compilations for Soma and Darkroom Dubs, or our own self-produced albums.
AS the first picture editor of The Independent and working as a photographer across the world, Alun John's career had many highlights, but his recent book Darkroom to Boardroom reveals it all began with one of Wales' most famous images.
Here, at this ancient crossroads between Europe and Asia, he installed a darkroom deep within the city away from other exhibits, inside the Buyuk Valide Han--a large 17th-century inn for traders.
DARKROOM DUBS: COMPILED AND MIXED BY SILICONE SOUL LAST year saw Graeme Reedie and Craig Morrison, aka Silicone Soul, release their critically acclaimed fourth studio album.
Take your best shot; Tim Grey tackles your digital darkroom questions.
The ProtoCOL UV, based on up-to-the-minute imaging technology, has a high resolution camera inside a light tight darkroom with built in UV and white light, making it the only system currently on the market versatile enough to image fluorescing and visible colonies, as well as inhibition zones.
The system features a compact darkroom with touchscreen and can accommodate any benchtop transilluminator.
The concluding Handbook chapter contains useful information about general darkroom safety, darkroom and enlarger basics, film development basics, enlarging papers, contact sheets and making enlargements.