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a room in which photographs are developed

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HDR Darkroom is the result of Everimaging's painstaking research and development over the course of several years.
What exactly happens in a darkroom was shown in a continuous loop from Carlos Aires.
Phil Thomas was working in the darkroom of the South Wales Echo on October 21, 1966, when he helped to capture one of the biggest disasters in Welsh history.
com , which first reported on the Ybor Resort and Spa's offer to RNC delegates, rather luridly defined a darkroom as "a secret homosexual dungeon in which there are no lights, no clothing and erotic men of all ages.
We'll also be releasing a new label mix compilation on our Darkroom Dubs label, which will be a DJ mix featuring some of our favourite tracks from the last couple of years.
The 63-year-old Cardiff-born press photographer, started off as a pounds 5 a week photo technician in the darkroom of the Western Mail's sister paper, the South Wales Echo, where he developed one of the most iconic Welsh images of the 1960s, the policeman carrying a child from the rubble following the Aberfan disaster.
This was juxtaposed with a succession of damp darkrooms festooned with obsessive photographic documentation of the town, and washed with deep red 'safelights'.
With sample photos (many of which are inspirational), step-by-step instructions and a remarkably handy question-and-answer format, Grey covers the fundamentals of framing and visuals, digital darkroom procedures, format choices, color management, image optimization in the software, problem solving (noise, brown highlights, weird color), prints and electronic transmission.
The ProtoCOL UV, based on up-to-the-minute imaging technology, has a high resolution camera inside a light tight darkroom with built in UV and white light, making it the only system currently on the market versatile enough to image fluorescing and visible colonies, as well as inhibition zones.
The concluding Handbook chapter contains useful information about general darkroom safety, darkroom and enlarger basics, film development basics, enlarging papers, contact sheets and making enlargements.
All darkroom work is performed in a dry/digital darkroom.
As Shenley Court's artist-in-residence, Gunhild uses the school's darkroom to continue with her work using traditional photography.
Both educators and members of our advisory board stress the need for traditional black-and-white film and the traditional darkroom experience.
A photography studio and darkroom are also located in the barn.