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South African shrub whose flowers when open are cup-shaped resembling artichokes

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With earlier darknet tools, Wood told SearchSecurity.
Their creation, called Veiled, could be used by politicians and others that want to communicate out of the public eye on a network that supports private Web pages not available to non-members of the darknet, say researchers from HP Security Labs who announced their proof of concept browser-based darknet.
Now, what's claimed to be the first commercial darknet, known as Relakks, has launched in Sweden.
And these hidden or underground networks, collectively called the Deep Web or Darknet, owe their existence to services like TOR that provide a secure communication environment and ensure user anonymity.
Our cyber expert noted that DarkNet operates as the hidden bottom floor of the legal, public world web.
India, March 7 -- In recent months Kaspersky Lab experts have been closely monitoring so-called Darknet resources, mostly the Tor network.
The shadowy Darknet then will be the only truly world-wide web", says Alexander Gostev, Chief Security Expert, Global Research & Analysis Team.
Contract notice: acquisition of a tool to facilitate search on the darknet (10 licenses) and the maintenance in operational condition of the dedicated platform
com/2017/01/monero-drug-dealers-cryptocurrency-choice-fire/) illicit drug sales on the darknet or volatile currency speculation.
It became more dangerous when users started using it through the darknet, which can only be accessed by specialised software.
We have also hit services on the Darknet using Tor where, for a long time, criminals have considered themselves beyond reach.
Virtual reality experiences will be provided by Outerbody Labs, in addition to what has been hailed as one of the Oculus Rift's best launch titles, Darknet.
The ATLAS Initiative utilizes a globally distributed darknet sensor network to deliver intelligence on host/port scanning activity, zero-day exploits and worm propagation, security events and vulnerability disclosures, and dynamic botnet and phishing infrastructures.
Soon Lee was mining bitcoin and buying computer equipment off the darknet.