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slightly dark

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Head black with grayish microtomentum; orbital plates subglossy blackish brown with microtomentum; ocellar triangle darkish brown without microtomentum; lunule strap-shaped, darkish brown with black margin.
My preference is for any darkish coloured patterns such as a blae and black, black and peacock spider, grouse and claret, grouse and purple, with a smallish Ace of Spades on the tail.
The luminous Monsoon, 1973, conveys one kind of emotional weather, the darkish green of Mark Twain (Shark Gate), 1972, another.
Accent, however, is just one of the many gimmicks in this darkish crime drama.
First I saw the wall and that darkish picture: a landscape, a garden or just a vase of flowers; then, in the middle of the room, the top of a long dining table, with a fruit bowl that was sometimes empty, sometimes filled with oranges and bright-red Jonathan apples; and finally, on a tall narrow table in a corner, the telephone, extraordinarily large and black.
What's wrong, from the standpoint of scholarship, with complexities and dark, or just darkish, corners?
A faint darkish area can be seen in the southern section, with a brighter northern side.
Anyhow the future of the mortgage-backed and foreign currency-denominated consumer loans is darkish due to a new regulation on household lending (NBR Regulation no.
A police source said yesterday: "A witness says the driver had darkish skin and looked nervous.
In not writing a more incisively dramatic biography, one which offers a deeply assessive, detailed account of Hopkins' darkish tragic existence--perspectives that would have made clearer how astonishingly remarkable his life was, how incredible was his poetic genius to have survived such unhappiness--Mariani missed the opportunity to explore Hopkins' extraordinary, enigmatic life.
He has short, darkish straight hair which is greying to front and sides.
The brow bone should be a darkish flesh tone with variations, creating a very visible eyelid, A wash of color can be used above the brow bone for a bit of fantasy.
Broad bands of shading, from tan to darkish grey to a distant silver, are also a means of charting distances (and perhaps of hinting at a late afternoon sun).