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Head black with grayish microtomentum; orbital plates subglossy blackish brown with microtomentum; ocellar triangle darkish brown without microtomentum; lunule strap-shaped, darkish brown with black margin.
All of them, from Darkish Llewellyn to Vella Morton, Rainy Greer, Absalom Canady, and Cornelius Cogdell Dudley, weigh in with their perspectives on why they feel they must make the journey.
RESULTS: MACROSCOPIC FEATURES OF FUNGUS BALL: With regards to physical appearance, the fungus ball appeared as a greenish cheese like substance in 11(55%), as a brownish substance in 6(30%), as a darkish substance in 2(10%) and accompanied by calcification in 1 case (5%).
Any version will do, but I'll include Richard Donner's 1988 Scrooged, a rather crass, darkish comedy version starring Bill Murray, because ultimately it is redemptive.
On examination a darkish brown firm non-tender mass was seen protruding from the umbilicus (Figure 1a).
Ibrahim added that dark under-eye circles can be caused by many reasons, but it's the dehydrated blood vessels under the skin that are actually responsible for the darkish hue.
My preference is for any darkish coloured patterns such as a blae and black, black and peacock spider, grouse and claret, grouse and purple, with a smallish Ace of Spades on the tail.
In terms of the hidden nature of underground activities, sectors are classified under darkish activities (household activities); darksome activities (informal sector), dark activities (irregular sector), and darkle activities (illegal activities) as it is shown in Table 2(Bovi 2005; Sajoed 2006; Pieters 2007).
Accent, however, is just one of the many gimmicks in this darkish crime drama.
First I saw the wall and that darkish picture: a landscape, a garden or just a vase of flowers; then, in the middle of the room, the top of a long dining table, with a fruit bowl that was sometimes empty, sometimes filled with oranges and bright-red Jonathan apples; and finally, on a tall narrow table in a corner, the telephone, extraordinarily large and black.
What's wrong, from the standpoint of scholarship, with complexities and dark, or just darkish, corners?
A faint darkish area can be seen in the southern section, with a brighter northern side.
Anyhow the future of the mortgage-backed and foreign currency-denominated consumer loans is darkish due to a new regulation on household lending (NBR Regulation no.
For all Dubai's fame as a super-efficient city, I was disappointed when we had to climb down the stairs, get into a bus to be dumped in a congested, darkish room where all the handbags were x-rayed and security checked before we were allowed to proceed to either the arrival area or the transit lounge.