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(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people

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18pm: 6-4 Mustang Hope, 5-2 Countrywide Star, 9-2 Glenshane Gift, 5 Darkies Luck, 13-2 Ardera Laura, 14 Honcho The Third
Unless you've invited any chinks, Japs, Jocks, poofs, darkies, deaf people, Slavs or working-class scum.
05pm: 9-4 Ryefield Snowy 5-2 Ballyhoe Bridge 11-4 El Joker 9-2 Dinan Tex 8 Fawn Nikita 16 Darkies Luck.
He also allegedly said: "I hear you darkies are good at giving b*** jobs".
33sec, while 1000-1 outsider Darkies Luck registered 14.
Films with degrading titles like Dancing Darkies were made to entertain white audiences - and no one seemed to be objecting.
Darkies Luck, a juicy 10-1 chance with Ladbrokes, can get Pricewise backers off to a flyer by landing the first of tonight's eight races televised live from Oxford on Sky Sports 1.
40: 2 Useless Baby, 7-2 Ferndale Kita, 4 Javas Jet, Whitney Jo, 6 Darkies Luck, 14 Rapid White
Darkies Luck is likely to be popular in heat two at 9.
The relationship of Negroes and Democrats is truly a master-slave relationship, with the benevolent master knowing what's best for his simple minded darkies.
We might not have the courage to take on thebamonthebus–althoughtheGovernment campaign launched today is absolutely right to insist we should report them every time – but we can, politely, make the point when we hear people talking about pakis, chinks and darkies, fenians, huns and ragheads.
Did Philip tell her we should close our borders on all the darkies, slanty-eyed and potbellied commies outside the EU, while keeping them open for the Greeks (his old family) and the Germans (his new one)?
The suit alleges that Scott endured racist comments from co-workers at daily meetings, such as "I've worked with a lot of darkies, and you're a pretty hard worker.
Helen] began to tyrannize over everybody, "her mother, her father, the servant the little darkies who play with her, and nobody," wrote Miss Sullivan, "had ever seriously disputed her will .