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(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people

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Such an account recalls Eric Sundquist's gloss on Chesnutt's story "A Victim of Heredity, or, Why the Darkey Loves Chicken": as he notes, the tale in fact ends up ascribing the purportedly "natural" taste for chicken to a conjure perpetrated to compel a greedy master to feed rather than starve his slaves.
One hostile critic had to concede that Hewlett "gave imitations in tolerable style, of all the popular singers and actors of the age," just as, amid slurs, a George Stone acknowledged with surprise and enthusiasm in 1826 that "this darkey was some in Richard and Othello.
Chesnutt lampoons the insensitivity implied when stereotyped food cravings mock or hide conditions of chronic undernourishment in the story "A Victim of Heredity; or, Why the Darkey Loves Chicken.
TRAINED killer Michael Forsythe is in the FBI witness protection programme after shooting dead his former gangster boss Darkey White and turning in his colleagues.
Poor darkey with the utmost sang-froid replied, "Massa Floyd gave me the measly pig to bait foxes--and I have caught the biggest fox in town with it.
Likewise, he feels a bit of history, as well as a trace of early cultural diversity, was lost when Darkey Creek, near Alsea, was renamed Southworth Creek.
TENNIS: Miles Maclagan beat Ghana's Gunther Darkey 6-1 6-3 to reach the last eight of the British Tour event in Bournemouth.
It was full of genuine darkey 'go' that has music and tune in every foot patter," the reviewer exclaimed.
We were three English-men, five Americans and six Norwegians and we met up with Marion, who was to be our guide and mentor for the next six days, in Dublin's Darkey Kelly's bar.
In the passage, one of the book's characters sings a song about ``Old Uncle Ned,'' a ``good old darkey.
Occasionally a policeman would catch a little darkey and jerk him across the sidewalk.
We selected ForeSee Results because we want to understand what our customers think about our website and how their satisfaction is affecting their purchasing behaviors," said Darkey.
45 (450m): Fairholme Judy, Sanantone Cha, Wansbeck Magpie, Slaneyside Cindy (M), Glassmoss Darkey (M), Petunia (W).
Reserves: Bodhran Beater, Colmyaro Raider, Glassmoss Darkey (M), Glenskirlie Lass, Hades Express, Hideaway Theo (M), Slanyside Cindy (M), Slaneyside Gypsy, Tullymurry Eve (M), Whitburn Striker (M).
14) Geo' Christy's Essence of Old Kentucky is a small book (of words only), containing 'a Choice Collection of New and Popular Songs, Interludes, Dialogues, Funny Speeches, Darkey Jokes and Plantation Wit'.