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Synonyms for darkening

changing to a darker color

becoming dark or darker as from waning light or clouding over

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However, there were also many who defended Padilla and slammed the bashers, pointing out that the darkening of skin is a natural part of pregnancy.
The first decade showed little change, but starting around 1996, the data show that due to darkening, the ice began absorbing about 2 percent more solar radiation per decade.
From the Borders upwards, you should get this noticeable darkening.
Darkening Mirrors takes off from Stephanie Leigh Batiste's notice that an array of black performances from the late 1920s to the mid-1940s share a common interest in empire.
The darkening that occurs after potatoes are processed and cooked is an inherent, but also undesirable trait.
Comas Sola never reported limb darkening on these four virtually airless bodies.
Overall, they studied 10 males of known age and 26 whose ages were estimated based on the extent of blotch darkening when first observed.
A DARKENING GREEN: NOTES ON HARVARD, THE 1950S AND THE END OF INNOCENCE is drawn mostly from a diary the author kept while he was a freshman at Harvard in the 1950s, describing the experience of late adolescence and offering a narrative of freshman college experience perfect for any college library.
2 : a darkening of the moon caused by its entering the shadow of the earth
The reasons for the dramatic darkening still are under investigation.
Other features include a touch pad for managing an XGA connection, brightening or darkening images, switching between a positive and negative image, mirroring or freezing images, controlling the iris and creating split screen images.
In general, eumelanin plays a role in darkening the skin.
To darken, or "burn" selected areas, make the Foreground color black and paint those areas that need darkening with smooth strokes.
Clairju (INCI name Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica), an extract derived from prunes, inhibits skin darkening by decreasing the appetite of keratinocytes for the melanin-producing melanocytes.