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Synonyms for dark-skinned

having skin rich in melanin pigments

naturally having skin of a dark color

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suggested that vitiligoid lichen sclerosus might be limited to dark-skinned people, and recent reports support this.
It was an appeal for the poor, for the dark-skinned who are shunned by people like the "white supremacists" of the United States.
Ogunyemi, who is Nigerian, born in Britain and raised in the United States, said in an article in the Guardian that she had "grown up very aware of society's opinion that dark-skinned people, especially women, would look better if our skin were lighter".
Decaying and covered with moss in some areas, the concrete-and-brick house inspired tales from visitors of apparitions by a dark-skinned boy, a nun and other creatures.
In a Facebook post after the incident, Chatterjee wrote: "The only thing they could roast about a dark-skinned actress was of course her dark skin.
Reid's comment seems to confirm a long-held suspicion of many black Americans that some whites prefer "light-skinned" blacks over their dark-skinned counterparts.
DO expose yourself to the sun for longer if you are naturally dark-skinned or black (not tanned).
Named Lula Ann Bridewell, she is born a dark-skinned baby to parents who take refuge in their light skin and "good" hair.
So this is nothing against Lupita herself or any dark-skinned, natural-haired woman who has "made it".
com)-- In the tradition of the New York Times bestselling I Dream a World and Crowns comes “Dark Girls,” an inspiring and groundbreaking photo book that celebrates the beauty of dark-skinned women, created by legendary director Bill Duke.
But dark-skinned people aren't immune to these harmful rays altogether.
And, according to Kilday, Lupita faces an even greater challenge in that she is beautifully dark-skinned.
So, remember to get your daily sun bath; 15 minutes if you are fair and longer if you are dark-skinned.
Mexico's population is largely dark-skinned, but Mexican television ads routinely feature light-skinned actors, sparking accusations of racial discrimination.
Giving preferential treatment to one over the other is not going to change the way people see dark-skinned women.