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Synonyms for dark-haired

having hair of a dark color

covered with dark hair


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One of us mentioned three Wurzburgers to the waiter; the dark-haired young man acknowledged his inclusion in the order by a smile and a nod.
And now the dark-haired young man spoke to me, and it became evident that his mind also moved along its own set of grooves.
The light eyes can go back to the Horican, and tell the old chief what has been done, if the dark-haired woman will swear by the Great Spirit of her fathers to tell no lie.
Beyond this mere look of things there was little for Brown's freshening fancy to feed on; he saw no human beings, except some gipsies trailing along the river bank, with faggots and osiers cut in the forest; and one sight no longer unconventional, but in such remote parts still uncommon: a dark-haired lady, bare-headed, and paddling her own canoe.
There was one passenger in the coach,--a small dark-haired person in a glossy buff calico dress.
A dark- eyed, dark-haired, shy, village beauty comes in--so fresh in her rosy and yet delicate bloom that the drops of rain which have beaten on her hair look like the dew upon a flower fresh gathered.
There was a pauper's burial that week in Raveloe, and up Kench Yard at Batherley it was known that the dark-haired woman with the fair child, who had lately come to lodge there, was gone away again.
A pale, puffy-faced, dark-haired person of thirty, with big dark eyes that wholly wanted lustre, and a dissatisfied doughy complexion, that seemed to ask to be sent to the baker's, this attendant was a mysterious being, possessed of some strange power over Mr.
Indeed, the major is somewhat prominent in this soldier's narrative; a lean, dark-haired man, apparently, of the name of Murray--a north of Ireland man and a Puritan.
Police are also looking for information about a dark-haired lady captured at Sports Direct, Plas Coch Road, Wrexham, on February 18 seen in picture two.
But a statement made by photographer Karim Nour on his official FB page confirmed that Angham is still as dark-haired as ever
The Xtra Factor host, 33, was spotted giving a mystery dark-haired gent a kiss on the lips in the hospitality area on Friday night.
Even with favourites such as Emma Roberts or Amanda Seyfried, known blondes, on the list, fans still opt to nominate naturally dark-haired girls for the role.
Can I speak to the pretty dark-haired lady in the advert?
The publication recently revealed that the blonde beauty was looking cozy with a dark-haired man who she had dinner with, at the Beatrice Inn, New York on Thursday night.