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Because colors absorb more solar energy as they get darker, buildings with dark-colored roofs are warmer and more expensive to cool than buildings with white roofs.
The other robber was described as a man wearing dark-colored pants, a gray sweatshirt, and a dark-colored mask.
The subject might have left the area in an older model, light blue or turquoise vehicle with a maroon or dark-colored front fender.
Other pressed wood products, such as softwood plywood and flake or oriented strandboard, are produced for exterior construction use and contain the dark-colored phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin.
Our New Parliament, 2004, in which dark-colored hoodie-men surround a Plexiglas bier with red-blue sweatshirts--a different tribe?
Mild to moderate symptoms include increased thirst, dry mouth, eyes that don't tear, reduced urination, dark-colored urine, and light-headedness.
For picket/ornamental fencing, a Solarkote all-acrylic coextruded cap over heat-resistant, high-impact ABS fencing enables landscapers to select dark-colored fencing to achieve a specific visual effect.
The Zin are dark-colored and for that reason favor those humans with dark skin, therefore, causing rifts among the enslaved.
Margretta Hansen, Tracy Broyles, Stephanie Lanckton, and Dorinda Holler, until they started to dance, looked prim and librarian-like in their dark-colored culottes topped by demure, sheer, white blouses.
Some newspaper reports warned that vegetarians might need to eat more dark-colored fruits and vegetables if they rely on these foods for vitamin A and don't get vitamin A from meat, fish, eggs, or vitamin A-fortified milk.
And in the evening, these dark-colored buildings and roads also radiate the solar energy absorbed during the day, keeping the area warm when it should be cooling down.
IPS-based modules, arguably the highest performing LCD technology available on the market, deliver unparalleled color reproduction and brightness uniformity by minimizing off-angle color shift and by producing clearer black tones in dark-colored images, as well as linear response times at all brightness levels and colors.
One robber was about 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a thin build, wearing dark-colored jeans and a gray and black hat.
Police are looking for the hit-and-run driver and the car involved, believed to be a dark-colored compact similar to a Honda or Mazda, said John Balian, spokesman for the Glendale Police Department.