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the process of adjusting the eyes to low levels of illumination

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Figure 1 plots the amplitudes of ERGs recorded from dark-adapted Tachypleus and Limulus eyes on log scales as a function of log light intensity.
Schwiegerling estimates that an amateur astronomer whose dark-adapted pupils span 6 millimeters typically will experience a half diopter of night myopia, while the rare stargazer whose pupil can open up as wide as 8 mm may experience a 1 1/2-diopter effect--though both numbers vary widely within the human population.
The value at which the response saturates is about 65 ms in a dark-adapted crab.
Results of full-field electroretinogram Test a-wave amplitude ([micro]V) Dark-adapted 0.
As the ratio of variable to maximal fluorescence, Fv/Fm defines the efficiency of excitation energy capture in dark-adapted leaves (Escobar-Gutierrez and Combe, 2012).
ERG results showed that nickel oxide nanoparticles markedly improve ERG b-wave amplitude during dark-adapted and in the presence of background light.
But with dark-adapted eyes and using averted vision, you should be able to see several stars close together - perhaps even the seven main bright stars which give the cluster its name.
When we shift our vision to looking outside for unlit objects--which is where the rods are more effective--they're not saturated by the red light and remain dark-adapted.
In contrast to the ciliary rods of vertebrates, the rhabdomeric photoreceptors of the common fruitfly not only reliably detect single photons when dark-adapted (generating responses called quantum bumps ), but continue responding in full daylight.
A much-dimmed torch (shielded with red cellophane) will provide sufficient light, once dark-adapted, to read star charts and make notes and sketches.
We've got all these high-tech robots around,'' Schneider said, "but I have to say, it might be the most sensitive scientific instrument of all to have a human lying outside with dark-adapted vision looking up at that sky.
Minimum fluorescence (F0), Maximum fluorescence of dark-adapted leaf (Fm), the steady-state fluorescence (Fs), the minimal fluorescence level in the light-adapted state (F0') and the maximum fluorescence level in the light- adapted state (Fm') were determined.
Some of the great titles we have in our amazing giveaway include Barbara Vine's A Dark-Adapted Eye, The Good Wife by Elizabeth Buchan and Midnight In Peking by Paul French.
Before measuring chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence parameters (FPs), leaves were put in a dark-adapted state for 30 min using light exclusion clips.
While the methods described above can be satisfactory when a short saturating light pulse is applied to access, for instance, the maximum quantum yield of photosystem H (PSII) of a dark-adapted sample ([F.