dark meat

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the flesh of the legs of fowl used as food

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Eighty-five grams of roasted turkey breast contains around 125 calories, whereas the same amount of dark meat contains around 150.
Second, the breast meat is farther away from the heat, so you don't have to worry about the white meat overcooking before the dark meat is done.
Similarly, many recipes use "chicken," without denoting dark meat or light meat, or whether skin is removed.
The researchers, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found that after eating red or dark meat, compounds called malondialdehyde accumulate in the blood stream, the Daily Mail reported.
dark meat chicken may shift to Brazilian whole birds, I believe the price of U.
Even chicken has a significant amount of fat if you're eating the skin and the dark meat portions.
Along with Brains Black it also goes well with dark meat and venison as well as any rich, dark sugar and dried fruit dessert according to the expert.
Light meat has slightly fewer calories than dark meat, so choose breast instead of leg or thigh.
The dark meat is rich, moist, and the color of chocolate.
Bush legs used to be big business for US chicken exporters, but now Russia and China are restricting imports in order to encourage expansion of their own poultry industries, and dark meat is piling up at home.
SUBJECT TO STRESS Dark meat on carcases, which is reducing values, seems to be more prevalent in bulls.
However, white chicken meat is more expensive than dark meat.
In order to better accommodate its employees, the facility revamped its production process, turning one of its employee break rooms into additional production space and dividing its process to include separate rooms for white meat and dark meat processing.
The innovative collection of culinary-bench-marked chicken flavours encompasses high-impact, very clean flavour profiles for boiled white meat, boiled dark meat, roast chicken, grilled chicken and fatly skin.