dark meat

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the flesh of the legs of fowl used as food

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They have longer legs, much smaller breasts (the ratio of white to dark meat is about even], and take twice as long--nearly 7 months--to mature.
SUBJECT TO STRESS Dark meat on carcases, which is reducing values, seems to be more prevalent in bulls.
However, white chicken meat is more expensive than dark meat.
In order to better accommodate its employees, the facility revamped its production process, turning one of its employee break rooms into additional production space and dividing its process to include separate rooms for white meat and dark meat processing.
South Africans prefer dark meat (drums, thighs and wings) as opposed to breast meat which often sells at a premium to breast meat.
The innovative collection of culinary-bench-marked chicken flavours encompasses high-impact, very clean flavour profiles for boiled white meat, boiled dark meat, roast chicken, grilled chicken and fatly skin.
Eat skinless white-meat turkey instead of the dark meat.
It is all too easy to ruin duck, as you have to ensure you render the fat from the bird's fatty skin while still keeping the rich dark meat moist.
like a dark meat over the city, black pungent silks folding
Like the beef, he prepares his Shelton Farms chicken dish ($25) two ways: a duo of classically braised skin-on, dark meat with oblongs of pan-seared, tender, moist white meat.
The price of dark meat has fallen 40% and Eastern Europe was able to supply white meat more cheaply, he added.
Within minutes, the plump brown birds were reduced to picked-over piles of bones and unwanted dark meat.
Most of the fat in turkey is within the skin and most of the fat within the meat is in the dark meat.