dark lantern

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a lantern with a single opening and a sliding panel that can be closed to conceal the light


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Before, so as not to scare the rats in front of him, he had turned his dark lantern on himself, lighting up his own head; now, to hasten their flight, he lit the dark space in front of him.
Then the Persian took out his dark lantern again, stooped forward, examined something beneath him and immediately extinguished his lantern.
Then the Persian began to make play with the dark lantern again, turning the rays over their heads, looking for the hole through which they had come, and failing to find it:
He's a-keepin' guard in the lane vith that 'ere dark lantern, like a amiable Guy Fawkes
Pickwick had run down the lane as fast as he could, to convey a false alarm that somebody was coming that way; occasionally drawing back the slide of the dark lantern to keep himself from the ditch.
He had lighted his little dark lantern, which seemed to be a favourite with him, for we had lamps to the carriage; and every now and then he turned it upon me to see that I was doing well.
My part was simply to stand by with the dark lantern in one hand, and a small bottle of rock-oil in the other.
Only a couple of minutes later and you'd have made me blunder against the fellow poking about here with his damned dark lantern.
Maypole Hugh, and I, you know, and Grip--we have been lying in the forest, and among the trees by the road side, with a dark lantern after night came on, and the dog in a noose ready to slip him when the man came by.
Merryweather, we must put the screen over that dark lantern.
amp;nbsp;   With a dark lantern, lighting a match
An American Anvil presentation of a Dark Lantern Pictures production.
200 YEARS AGO: On Thursday morning, about four o'clock, a washerwoman on approaching the Plough and Harrow public house, at Edgbaston, where she was going to work, found the door wide open, and seeing a man with a dark lantern in his hand, immediately alarmed the neighbourhood, but the robbers affected their escape, after stripping the kitchen of its principal furniture.