dark horse

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a political candidate who is not well known but could win unexpectedly

a racehorse about which little is known

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Lawrence Batley Theatre resident company Dark Horse Theatre open their new production called You Have Been Watching at the LBT.
Don't worry though, in true Dark Horse style we aren't letting a bad thing get us down.
United States-based Indian has introduced a Dark Horse version of the Chieftain.
Dark Horse describes itself as a "creative production house" providing event management and bespoke entertainment.
Such a horse is called a dark horse, not because of its color, but because of its obscurity.
DARK HORSE: THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY OF DREAM ALLIANCE (PG) NOT to be confused with James Napier Robertson's New Zealand drama The Dark Horse, which was released last month, Louise Osmond's life-affirming documentary reveals the true story of a group of friends and neighbours from a Welsh mining village, who came together to buy a racehorse and subsequently defied the odds.
Dark Horse, a Ffilm Cymru Wales feature, directed by Louise Osmond and produced by Judith Dawson, won an award in the World Cinema Documentary category at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Utah, America, last month.
Dark Horse, directed by Louise Osmond and produced by Judith Dawson, has now been chosen to compete in the World Cinema Documentary category at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, America, next month.
Keith Marsden, owner of popular Moseley pub The Prince of Wales, has taken part in the BBQ Boot Camp, which is set to be screened on America TV, to hone his skills for his new venture, The Dark Horse.
In Perry's Dark Horse video she references the Ancient Egyptians and has been quoted as saying that the track was inspired by witchcraft film 'The Craft', with the song written from a witch's point of view, the Mirror reported.
At 01:15 into the video Dark Horse, a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word 'Allah,' which is the Arabic word for God.
com)-- Dark Horse, bridging the gap between the best licensed and original comics work from the industry's top talent, will make their debut at Wizard World Portland Comic Con, January 24-26 at the Oregon Convention Center.
But powerful Polish player Janowicz did his best to show he could be the dark horse as he defeated a seed at a grand slam for the first time in his career.
I've said before that Jazza is a bit of a dark horse in super-bantamweight division and people like Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton should keep an eye on him because I don't think it'll be too long before he's snapping at their heels.
A low-key geek show by Solondz standards, Dark Horse is, as the title suggests, itself something of a mysteryat least emotionally.