dark horse

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a political candidate who is not well known but could win unexpectedly

a racehorse about which little is known

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Dark Horse, AKA wifey, quickly replied: "The picture, my dear, is where you will be staying when you return from your little adventure
Dark Horse describes itself as a "creative production house" providing event management and bespoke entertainment.
Cameron also noted, "For the past twenty-seven years, Dark Horse has been associated with my films The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss.
Dark Horse business director Lynda Hornsby said: "We are unique in the UK in offering actors with learning disabilities the chance to train in the same way all professional actors do.
Above, Dark Horse director Louise <BOrmond and below, the line to see the film at last night's premiere
Dark Horse, a Ffilm Cymru Wales feature, directed by Louise Osmond and produced by Judith Dawson, won an award in the World Cinema Documentary category at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Utah, America, last month.
Dark Horse, directed by Louise Osmond and produced by Judith Dawson, has now been chosen to compete in the World Cinema Documentary category at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, America, next month.
Mr Marsden has now invested more than PS400,000 in transforming what was The Cross into The Dark Horse.
THE Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club is continuing at the Alcester Road venue, through its name changes from The Cross to Mo-Dough and now The Dark Horse.
In Perry's Dark Horse video she references the Ancient Egyptians and has been quoted as saying that the track was inspired by witchcraft film 'The Craft', with the song written from a witch's point of view, the Mirror reported.
Since that first appearance in the pages of Dark Horse Comics' "San Diego Comic-Con Comics'' No.
At 01:15 into the video Dark Horse, a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word 'Allah,' which is the Arabic word for God.
com)-- Dark Horse, bridging the gap between the best licensed and original comics work from the industry's top talent, will make their debut at Wizard World Portland Comic Con, January 24-26 at the Oregon Convention Center.
But powerful Polish player Janowicz did his best to show he could be the dark horse as he defeated a seed at a grand slam for the first time in his career.