dark glasses

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spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun

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Glaucoma can make the eyes more sensitive to light, causing sufferers to use dark glasses to alleviate difficulties.
SHADY Z CHARACTER Hardin hides behind dark glasses and smokes a fag as she holds sign
The lady has long wavy hair, always wears dark glasses and a coat and is very well groomed.
He is tanned, and was wearing dark glasses and a dark hooded top.
11 pm today and the Dubai Astronomy Group warns not to watch it directly, but through special dark glasses.
A day after their epic rescue from the San Jose mine, the men posed in hospital dressing gowns and their dark glasses for a photo with President Sebastian Pinera.
We didn't care how inebriated Freddie Flintoff might be, or that our heroes were all clad in dark glasses, they'd earned their night on the town by beating the best team in the world.
The College recommends choosing dark glasses with a CE Mark for quality.
The singer was known for his homemade square guitar, dark glasses and black hat.
The legendary singer and performer was known for his home-made square guitar, dark glasses and black hat.
He wears a ski cap And very dark glasses He snarls at the traffic He eventually passes His twelve year old "Nova"
Raymer's habit of wearing unusual dark glasses intrigued me, so I asked him how it had all started.
Just between you, me and the fellow with the earpiece and dark glasses who's ducking behind Mrs.
Albert penned the works of LeRoy, invented his harrowing back story, and engaged her boyfriend's half-sister to play the author, in a wig and dark glasses, at public appearances.
Dark glasses scream drama, but we love dark-to-light gradient lenses for a friendlier "can you see me now?