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A dark bread compote sweetened with molasses appears warmed (it hasn't been) sitting beneath a scoop of half-savoury-half-sweet Jerusalem artichoke ice cream and large, thin slices of pear.
It was a clear attempt to persuade community members with messages that dark bread is better and to encourage them to adopt healthy bread diet through provision of information, using an expert-led, top-down approach (behaviour change approach).
I also like their Eggless Salad MIX for faux egg salad sandwiches (on dark bread or rye crackers, of course).
Cold breakfast cereals were the largest source of whole grains, followed by brown rice, dark bread, and cooked oats.
Recent research shows that eating two slices of dark bread daily lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease in a group of adults 65 or older by 21 percent, compared to those with the lowest cereal fiber consumption.
Try it for dinner accompanied with rye or dark bread.
For food we would have a piece of dark bread and perhaps some soup"--from a pot feeding 300 people, into which a few carrots or onions had been thrown.
People eating a "high-meat" diet--abundant in red and processed meats--had nearly four times the risk of esophageal cancer and more than double the risk of stomach cancer compared to those eating a "healthy" diet, which had less meat and gravy and more fruits (particularly citrus fruits and juices), vegetables (particularly dark yellow), dark bread, cereal and fish.
They spent several months in a Soviet prison where a meal was a slice of dark bread and a cup of lukewarm soup.
For each person, allow at least 2 tablespoons of caviar, 1/4 pound total of cooked meat or fish, 1 to 11/2 cups total of salads and/or pickled vegetables, and 1/4 pound of dark bread.
For instance, while visiting the beautiful city of Munster, we noticed very large circular mounds of dark bread in almost every bakery.
Other whole-grain foods effective in lowering risk include brown rice, cooked oatmeal, and dark bread.
Venison and red cabbage, frozen leaves, horseradish, crisp onion and spiced dark bread.
In the city centre, scores of intimate cafs serve a quick and filling Austrian lunch of dark bread and sausage.