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Dazzled by the daringness of it all, Brucie's enthusiastic sidekick Tess Daly squealed: "Bruno's laughing at himself
He decided to take on the political-miner nexus but underestimated the daringness of his opponents.
She demonstrated that she understood key trends and how these can be adopted by women with different lifestyles, body shapes and daringness.
As meat gives Mary a satisfaction that empowers her after the loss of Ralph, it appears to lend Sara a daringness to have a voice in matters of politics and the patriarchal church.
those who have migrated out of Mexico and have been subject to northern capture) are self-selected for youth, energy, skills, and intangibles such as daringness.
Unfortunately, however, this daringness is not complimented by an acute, reflexive awareness of the very critiques of social science that have made such universal arguments largely passe.
Aside from Europe, Thai readers were fascinated by the adventures in backward Africa, by the sensuality of Arabia, and by the daringness of English adventurers.
If the natural qualities of men are uprightness, daringness, and intrepidness, the properties of the maricon are enervation, shamelessness, a manipulative nature and pride.
The Better Half ran briefly at theatres in 1922, after censors examining the play deemed that its daringness was confined to its dialogue only.
In this case, I was looking for actors with a kind of daringness.
Syllabics were in a way the official daringness of the Wintersians.
Schumann's daringness did not go unnoticed by her contemporaries.