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to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected

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The variables for total concentrations of DEs, DMs, and total DAPs were [log.
2010; Zeger and Liang 1986) to estimate the longitudinal associations of prenatal and early childhood DAPs on respiratory symptoms in children at 5 and 7 years of age, while accounting for within-subject correlation of repeated measures of respiratory symptoms that were assessed at 5 and 7 years of age (Hubbard et al.
The new driver works with all PCI DAP boards: from the top-of-the-line DAP 5200a/526 to the entry-level DAP 840/103.
maker of Data Acquisition Processor boards, today announced a new Linux driver for PCI DAP boards to complement its existing Linux driver for ISA DAP boards.
Fred Rosin, deputy director of the DAPS Oklahoma City Office, but located in the same San Antonio, TX area as AETC HQ, is the principal DAPS customer relations manager for AETC, who is represented by John Nelson, chief of multimedia and publishing.
The DAPS and AETC communications interaction is an excellent example of the types of relationships DAPS establishes with its military service customers.
We measured urinary DAP concentrations during prenatal development and throughout childhood.
In addition, DAP metabolites have been detected in amniotic fluid (Bradman et al.
However, if DAPS services are discovered in the network neighbourhood (ISP or other subnetworks) within the performance and security boundary, client requests will be redirected accordingly.
DAPS and NS failures, which essentially occur in the client network.
Known as the document solutions provider for the Department of Defense, DAPS works with customers to determine the best way to meet their needs.
The DAP 4200a/526 costs $4095, DAPL 2000 software and DAPlog Plus included.
claims Microstar Laboratories, Data Acquisition Processor, DAP, DAP 4400a, DAPcell, DAPlog Plus, DAPL, DAPL 2000 and DAPtools OCX as trademarks.
Thus, the extent to which urinary DAPs are by-products of plant metabolism remains unclear.
DAPs can be used as cost-effective business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing tools.