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any of several ornamental shrubs with shiny mostly evergreen leaves and clusters of small bell-shaped flowers

(Greek mythology) a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree to escape the amorous Apollo

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The personnel cuts instigated in 1990 had affected both morale and capability, and operational capability amounted primarily to two support vessels (reduced to one in 2005), a handful of small ageing strike craft optimized for the more peaceful waters of the Mediterranean, and three diesel-electric submarines rapidly reaching the ends of their useful service lives (all three Daphnes would be decommissioned by 2003).
Favier said Daphnes Fairhaven will be a lot like its Edmonds counterpart; however, the Fairhaven location will be almost triple the size.
Beside this, acquisition of new submarines would provide synergy of PN's operations and offset the imbalance developed after the phasing out of old Daphnes.
Daphnes bright green oven mittens imprinted with oak leaves replicate to turn her into a laurel tree.
Here the panoply of learned Baroque classicism, its resident Apollos, Daphnes, Dianas, and Amphitrites--even those cast in the obese lineaments of Marie de Medicis--vivifies instants of delectation for the kinds of objects that now, as forty years ago, remain condescended to by our younger art world.
Spring charmers include lilacs, daphnes and viburnums, while many spring-flowering bulbs, including hyacinths and some narcissi, are also fragrant.
Joudie Kalla, a 30 year old Palestinian Chef based in London, has worked in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Pengelley's under Ian Pengelley, Daphnes and then Papillon with Head chef David Duverger.
Per Daphnes request, there will be no services held and interment will be at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA.
Choose from blooming azaleas, camellias, daphnes, heaths, and viburnums; deciduous shrubs such as flowering quince and forsythia; and vines such as hardenbergia and primrose jasmine.
Why not select some architectural plants such as daphnes, mahonias, phormiums and corkscrew hazel so that next winter you have some interest and flowers?
By the next stop we are so conditioned that we no longer hear the voice: It wasn't enough to chop the birch tree Yjyk-Mar, to saw the ash of Nemesis, to cut the fig tree of Gautama Buddha, Daphnes laurel, Leuce's poplar, Philyra's linden, Pitys's pine, Carya's walnut, Phyllis's almond, and the cypress of the dead.
Daphnes need to be grown in fertile, well-drained and ideally, limy, soil in sun or partial shade.
Everyone raves about the fabulous oriental daphnes that flower in winter.
Josef Halda of the Czech Republic will present a slide show and lecture on daphnes Thursday evening at the Eugene Rhododendron Society.