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a male ballet dancer who is the partner of a ballerina


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He has long excelled in classical danseur noble roles, like Albrecht in Giselle, but is a sensitive interpreter of contemporary work, like Tim Rushton's new version of Afternoon of a Faun, as well.
Edur is a true danseur noble who demonstrates softness, style, and elegance, while Oaks has been hailed for her pristine technique, grace, and delicacy.
Trained at the Royal Danish Ballet School, he proved himself an outstanding danseur noble early on.
Nureyev had a handful of love affairs, the most serious with the Danish danseur noble Erik Bruhn, but he had an endless hunger for anonymous contacts in gay bars and baths.
Adams, who choreographed too, became the NBC's first danseur noble.
Helimets fulfills all the qualifications for a genuine danseur noble.
He brilliantly embodied the mercurial character in Les Bourgeois, a standard competition solo by Ben Van Cauwenbergh, and later transformed into an impeccable danseur noble in a Don Quixote solo.
Undeniably, there was David Hallberg, with his glorious long lines, his aristocratic bearing, a modern day danseur noble.
He is the most famous danseur noble this country has produced.
As gallant a danseur noble as Peter Martins and as sensually passionate as Rudolf Nureyev, Carreno receives a 2004 DANCE MAGAZINE AWARD for significant contributions to dance.
He has the look of a danseur noble and such a Faustian intensity that it's hard to take your eyes off him.
When Rex Harrington, danseur noble of the National Ballet of Canada, laid his flowers at the feet of his partner and stepped back to join in the rapturous applause, it confirmed what the delirious audience already knew--that a star had been born.
It was opened by Lew Christensen, the choreographer's first (and some would insist only) genuine American danseur noble, who, at the conclusion of his performing days, served the San Francisco Ballet as artistic director for more than three decades until his death in 1984.
Many of the dancers who plan to attend played significant roles in the company's evolution, including Irina Baronova, one of three "baby ballerinas" George Balanchine engaged for the company in the early '30s; and British-born dancer-choreographer Frederic Franklin, who joined Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in 1938 as premier danseur noble.
Oaks demonstrates great clarity in her dancing, along with a daintiness that disguises intrepid strength, while Edur, a true danseur noble, moves with elegance and pristine order in his jumps and turns.