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a medieval dance in which a skeleton representing death leads a procession of others to the grave

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It was then that Obama's partner in this danse macabre, Putin, rushed to the rescue by flying an unbelievable kite regarding "international control" over Assad's chemical weapons--weapons that the Syrian insists he does not have.
The Massacre at Paris is read as an Elizabethan instance of the predominantly medieval danse macabre tradition, which is "typified by a conjunction of humour and mindless, repetitive homicide" (78).
A number of his poems were published in various online magazines such as Danse Macabre du Jour, Istanbul Literary Review and Indigo Rising Magazine.
No less an aficionado than Stephen King later would give Jackson's novel (The Haunting of Hill House) and the film his highest praise in his nonfiction study of horror, Danse Macabre.
One of the liveliest and most prolific essayists of the French fin-de-siecle was Camille Saint-Saens, remembered today mostly for Samson and Dalilah, Carnival of the Animals, and Danse macabre.
The concert in the Church of St Peter & St Paul, Butlers Marston, will include Bach's Double Violin Concerto in D minor, Saint Saens' Danse Macabre for solo piano, and Dvorak's Piano Quintet Op 81.
He and conditional jockey Lee Edwards had a double with selling handicap hurdle winner Danse Macabre and handicap chase victor Chicago Alley.
Huddled on the sides, they silently witness the danse macabre of electoral politics in a township they love.
The award for best Canadian short film went to Pedro Pires for Danse Macabre, which was based on a concept by Robert Lepage.
Part 3, "Social Performance: Identity, Language, Authority" includes Jonathan Decter, "The Hidden Exilarch: Power and Performance in a Medieval Jewish Ceremony" (179-92); Daisy Delogu, "Desire, Deception, and Display: Linguistic Performance in Jehan de Saintre" (193-206); Helen Swift, "Points of Tension: Performing Je in Jean Bouchet's Jugement poetic de l'honneur feminin" (207-22); Rebecca Zorach, "'Taken by night from its tomb': Triumph, Dissent, and Danse Macabre in Sixteenth-Century France" (223-48).
The Dance House is David's take on the medieval Danse Macabre to Shostakovich.
The standout chapter involves no risk, just a spooky form of rapture; a dance between the living and the dead, the Danse Macabre.
Julian's weaved his music, set to lyrics by Berlie Doherty, around three classical pieces conjuring up witches, magic and death: Danse Macabre by Camille Saint Saens, Kikimora and The Enchanted Lake by Anatol Liadov and Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas.
Gibbard has a field day unleashing his existentialist Goth side on the dreamy sounding, danse macabre, "Grapevine Fires.
the tradition of the danse macabre and the memento mori) or commemorates the worthiness of the dead in their transit from the temporal to the eternal (funerary art).