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light sweet yeast-raised roll usually filled with fruits or cheese


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The firm soon tweeted him to wish him luck and have since been in touch with their customer to find out just why he was so inspired by a Danish pastry.
Parry submitted Chapter ten of her novella, The Danish Pastry, which is about a princess from Denmark who runs away when she learns of her father's pre-arranged marriage plans for her.
The Danish pastry and the traditional smorrebrod (open faced sandwiches)
Just read the article below and see the picture of the world popular Danish pastry.
With 'ReadyGlazed' we are looking at an entirely new chapter in the history of the Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry," stated Mathias Kollmann, marketing director of Verden-based Lantmannen Unibake Germany.
CAKES SAINT: Apple Danish Pastry, Bar, Sara Lee, 229 cals per 100g.
The product that everyone wants to know about is the "authentic" Danish pastry.
As far as graffiti artist Bansky was concerned Copenhagen was as flakey as a Danish pastry, left.
We are not blaming the Uttoxeter management for the state of the going, as this is beyond their control, but having paid a substantial entry fee for a race with total prize-money of pounds 100,000, Uttoxeter merely offered owners coffee in a paper cup and a Danish pastry.
From a New Orleans Danish pastry bread pudding to a Matzoh Souffle and a Blueberry Bread Pudding, these offer ease and appeal alike.
As well as the roll, they'll get a free Danish pastry and drink.
Don't miss out on our fantastic Ferrari's Danish Pastry offer - it's valid up to and including next Tuesday.
Though ``Clones'' goes light on the neck-cramping headdresses that Natalie Portman's character Amidala is forced to wear, the beautiful queen- turned-princess' hair does move in an alarming direction toward the intergalactic Danish pastry look.
The snack bars, -- iced Danish pastry with apple and blackberry -- are a new format for the Danish dessert range.
In October, Parry won MARSocial's Author of the Week with her first entry from her debut novel, "The Danish Pastry.
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