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Synonyms for dangly

hung or appearing to be hung from a support

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Although what she didn't tell me was that she'd been bonking the eyeballs John Major's dangly bits for four behind their spouses' backs.
I just couldn't get my head around it at all but I was riveted and quite frankly couldn't make head or tail of all the dangly bits until daylight dawned that my dad might be in possession of such an interesting arrangement.
The lucky ones who end up as medics can wait until one of the eejits ends up in their surgery needing something unmentionable doing to his dangly bits.
STEAL AMY'S STYLE: Trousers and T-shirt from River Island, denim jacket and bag from Primark, shoes from Matalan, H&M bracelet, sunglasses from TK Maxx Leah Jones, 16, student, Fairwater, Cardiff Leah's floral printed trousers caught our eye on the streets of Cardiff, as did her dangly feather earrings.
I just wonder, though, whether he might have to be parted with some of his dangly bits before we see him fulfil his potential.
We are talking avoiding embarrassment, of avoiding wives finding out and squeezing dangly bits - or wallets - until eyes water; we are talking hedonism and, most probably, blokes with a loose zip condition, being caught with their pants round their ankles.
Anna in that slinky green dress with her wild bangs dangly blue earrings with her cat's eyes and pouty pink lips radiating the absolute certainty that she can see just what you want--and show you how to get it" the author writes.
A WELL, I would probably have kicked him hard in the dangly bits and said "Try letting go of those" as he grabbed them in agony - but that's not a very grown-up or helpful response, is it?
A panel was told the speech therapist, who did not turn up for the hearing, persisted in wearing rings, dangly earrings and other jewellery when assessing babies and children despite being warned not to.
To never really be able to wear dangly earrings because it was a bit too much fuss around the facial area.
From the huge iron cup, with the long dangly string
Are the cheerleaders in appropriate attire (tennis shoes, tight-fighting clothes, no dangly earrings or facial piercings)?
Projects range from lariat necklaces to mosaic pictures, dangly earrings, braided bracelets and collars, napkin holders and doorway fringe.
I predict the uvula (that dangly thing at the back of the mouth) will become the new hot body part.