dangling participle

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a participle (usually at the beginning of a sentence) apparently modifying a word other than the word intended: e

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1 In this issue, I'll talk about another serious problem: dangling participles.
Exceptional parents are very clever when it comes to misplaced hyphens, commas, and dangling participles.
Examples abound: from dangling participles, "Remaining in control, her accounts of these episodes .
Still, the copy editors' online diatribes have extended beyond the rim to grammar geeks, writers and English teachers, who fill the comments sections with polite but passionate debate on dangling participles and prepositional endings.
There'd be dangling participles, deconstructed paradigms and theoretical pedagogy splattered on the walls before you knew it.
In detailing the battle, Einsohn wrangles with subject-verb agreement, the subjunctive mood, dangling participles, and other bugaboos.
The volume abounds with dangling participles, solecisms, weird locutions, and other lapses from correct and idiomatic Anglophone usage.
If you haven't thought about gerunds, dangling participles, and subjunctives since high school, remain calm; the book's glossary provides clear definitions of these terms.
Armed with Warriner's English Grammar and Composition, I stood at the front of the classroom explaining the error of using dangling participles.
I First the context: There are several buses that leave Curve Lake every morning and return every afternoon bearing the children of our community off into the lands beyond our borders--about 20 minutes--to learn about the importance of pie charts, dangling participles, and to master iambic pentameter.
I am not talking here of problems owing to opaque jargon or theory-driven flummery, but of elementary matters like agreement of subject and predicate, the proper use of definite and indefinite articles, the function of tenses, the avoidance of dangling participles and ambiguous antecedents, the meaning of apostrophe marks, etc.
Either a new metaphor will have to be found to describe "our friend" or mixed metaphors will have to join dangling participles among the things technology no longer allows us to care about.
When grammarians dangled their rules, many of us got splitting headaches from worry about dangling participles and split infinitives.
This is not merely a question of poor English prose style, but of outright solecism, including ungrammatical constructions, run-on sentences, dangling participles, misplaced complements, false accords, and incorrect usage of individual words.