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the quality of not being safe

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Involuntary sterilization statutes may have been repealed, (20) determinate sentencing guidelines may have imposed some uniformity on punishment, (21) and immigration laws may no longer retain ethnically biased language; nonetheless, the criminal justice system's reliance on future dangerousness predictions has increased dramatically, and without scientific scrutiny.
30) In Jones, Justice Powell observed that PIAC is intended to "treat the individual's mental illness and protect him and society from his potential dangerousness.
Consistent with this earlier research, we believe that both attributional processes and concerns about dangerousness motivate support for legal coercion, particularly when mandated treatment is viewed more as a method of social control than a means to deliver help.
South Carolina jurors are preoccupied with the defendant's future dangerousness when they deliberate about his fate, but Virginia jurors are, if anything, even more preoccupied.
The justices noted that the South Carolina Supreme Court, in its desire to hold Simmons entirely inapplicable to death sentences in the state, "apparently assumed arguendo that future dangerousness had been shown at Shafer's sentencing proceeding.
2) But Simmons came with a catch: A capital defendant was entitled to this remedy only if the state placed his future dangerousness "at issue.
But she suggested to Judge Sylvia de Bertodano: "Your Honour is going to be wanting to look at the issue of dangerousness, and I ask for an adjournment for a pre-sentence report.
A PERVERT who posed as teen to schoolgirls on the internet is to be assessed for dangerousness to decide if he should be given an extended prison sentence.
He said: "I will adjourn sentence for a report to address the issue of dangerousness.
These distinctions between alcohol and drug use become important when clinical efforts are not just broadly focused on improving psychosocial functioning among psychiatric patients but are also focused on reducing dangerousness to others.
Judge Niclas Parry remanded him in custody pending sentence next month and ordered a pre-sentence report which he said should include an assessment of dangerousness.
States' continued and primary use of dangerousness standard in civil commitment proceedings does not meet our obligations to people with serious mental illness.
Their topics include human dangerousness and the legacy of fear management, an introduction to violence risk assessment with sex offenders, developing and evaluating actuarial risk assessment instruments, the importance of theory in assessing risk, and recommendation on science and forensic practice.
WORCESTER -- A woman charged with stabbing another woman during a fight April 15 on Main Street has been ordered held without bail for up to 120 days after a dangerousness hearing in Central District Court.