dangerous undertaking

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Synonyms for dangerous undertaking

a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)

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Odd eventually locates the imprisoned youngster in the mansion and promises to help him escape but this proves to be a dangerous undertaking.
The names were those of the victims of the Hester Pit disaster in 1862 which provoked legislative changes that made mining a less dangerous undertaking.
If one takes to the roads around 5pm these days, it can be a dangerous undertaking.
But exposing sleaze can be a dangerous undertaking in a nation where journalists who criticize powerful people often end up dead.
It is always a dangerous undertaking to speak truth where there is falsehood and justice where injustice is going unchecked.
She said: "Ben's expedition leaders did advise him that it was a very dangerous undertaking to go on his own and they are extremely worried.
CUTLINE: A pedestrian yesterday makes her way across Main Street, which can be a dangerous undertaking.
It's a very dangerous undertaking, but that's part of the beauty of it," one veteran mountaineer commented.
We are appreciative of the fact that this is a dangerous undertaking on our part.