danger zone

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a dangerous area

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Villages Barcelona, Bulusan, Casiguran, Gubat, and Juban within the volcano's four-kilometre permanent danger zone were spared of Bulusan's ash fall, Pama added.
He said the military and police will intensify patrols to enforce a round-the-clock ban on villagers moving within an eight-kilometre danger zone around the volcano.
Even worse, reading what the "safe" limits really are, I realised I'm already in the danger zone.
Trailing following Martin Young's close-range opener three minutes before half-time, the visitors drew level when Ameobi volleyed past Danish keeper Jan Budtz having expertly cushioned Jonny Godsmark's dink into the danger zone.
Smart Zone uses Hardt's patented heating technology to keep food constantly at a safe serving temperature (above the danger zone of 140 F).
The temperature danger zone for food is 41[degrees] to 140[degrees]F.
A 32-degree coating of watery ice serves as a protective covering since the danger zone is several degrees below freezing.
So we recommend an immediate evacuation of the people living in the danger zone,'' said Jilal, an official at the center.
Every team that escapes from the danger zone usually has a player they say was key - Dunny can be that man for Blues.
It dropped the Baggies back towards the danger zone and kick-started Sunderland's push for a miracle to stay up.
Keep the chains out of the danger zone by storing the chock blocks and chains inside the bustle rack.
Brigade's brochure says the sound from the Backalarm dissipates more quickly, is directional, and is localized in the danger zone.
The information is downloaded into the unit and can be updated electronically with new danger zone information.
A well-deserved 1-0 win at the Horsfall Stadium last night completed a double over the Yorkshire side and lifted Andy Preece's men 12 points clear of the danger zone.