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the manner and dress of a fop or dandy

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Garelick describes dandyism as "the artform of commodifying personality.
A highly self-conscious style, the Ridiculous tends towards camp, kitsch, transvestitism, the grotesque, flamboyant visuals, and literary dandyism.
I would find myself breasting a tide of shawls, and something about my innocent dandyism would set them screaming at me, and what I heard then, though I was never a prudish lad, made my cheeks burn.
Furthermore, Foucault recognizes that nineteenth-century dandyism marked an episode in the kind of relation of the subject to itself that he explored towards the end of his life ("Genealogy of Ethics" 362).
His effete dandyism signifies the vain self-centeredness and over-indulgence that are responsible for the necessity of his retrenchments.
There was, as well, Robert Hichens's satire The Green Carnation (1891), a literary work whose investment in homosexual subject matter lay in its exposure of Wildean dandyism as concealing perverse sexuality.
James Najarian's thoughtful contribution, "Arnold's Irony and the Deployment of Dandyism," considers the ways in which Arnold's youthful dandyism helped shape his self-irony, "inform[ing] the complex stance and tone that Arnold constructs in his criticism" (192).
31) His cynicism, his dandyism, pushed him to side with those capable of seeing the emperor's new clothes, and too bad if they were conservative critics such as Edmond About, who, speaking of the demise of the Salon system, wrote in 1883:
Her designs are a result of considered and distinctive influences - 16th century Dutch Delft pottery as the inspiration for her 1996 Toile Print Boot, British colonialism reflected in the Sahara Plimsoll of 1999 and Victorian dandyism influencing the 1996 Trompe l'Oeil Boot.
It is in this section that Hawkins asks the important question: "How is British pop dandyism framed by traditions that raise questions of subjectivity and spectacularity?
In short, Zhuangzi helped provide Wilde with the formulae that were to form the basis of his philosophy of dandyism.
Moreover, Disraeli used his effeminate dandyism to create an oratorical style that won the ear of both election audiences and the House of Commons.
The evidence of his dandyism is provided both by his mode of address and accompanying gestures, rather than his dress itself.
Extracting the dandyism and occasional epigrams from Ouida's potboiling novels of falsetto masculinity, of hard fighting, hard riding aristocrats, Schaffer argues that Ouida's bestsellers were the founding documents of the aesthetic novel from Meredith and Wilde to Henry James: "Rereading Ouida's work reveals that the aesthetic novel largely derives from--of all places--popular women's writing.