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The Dandy was launched in 1937 by Dundee publishing company DC Thompson and by the 1950s it was selling more than 2 million copies a week.
DAVID MARNANE'S Royal Ascot winner Dandy Boy could begin a jetsetting winter campaign by clashing with Black Caviar in the Patinack Farm Classic at Melbourne's Spring Carnival in November, writes Jessica L amb.
Patricia's talent for comedy is impeccable and Dandy Dick allows her full reign.
The first Dandy promised a No 1 Express Whistle FREE Inside and next week a JUMPING FROG.
A weekly, fortnightly or monthly trip to the paper shop to pick up a comic was commonplace with The Dandy, The Beano or Shoot for the boys and the likes of Bunty, Jackie or, into the late Seventies and Eighties, Smash Hits for the girls.
The Dandy first went on sale in 1937 costing 2p, with a free whistle.
Here, at Gibbs & Dandy we feel it is really important to support local initiatives, especially sports clubs, which promote healthy living and encourage community involvement.
Managing Director Adam Dandy (right) with Katie Whitfield, Colin Dowle and Simon Hughes
Million Dollar Dandy clients range from music moguls, heirs to family fortunes, owners of UK and US football clubs, hedge fund managers, and wealthy retirees.
The changes follow research by the publisher into the views of both children and adults, commissioned to bring The Dandy up to date.
Dandy Man returns to Goodwood after a third in last year's Audi Stakes.
Back in his racing days, Dandy was a star even before his Aintree triumph.
Party company Dandy ( which has quadrupled the size of its premises and more than doubled its workforce in the last year ( is poised to grow turnover by a further 25% this year.