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move (a baby) up and down in one's arms or on one's knees


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He often had supper with us and sometimes spent weekends with us, dandling my two little kids on his knee.
Dix and Fitzpatrick found her again in 2003, dandling her own 9-month-old daughter, Luz Noel' on her lap, putting on the child's shoe one-handed while her other sleeve dangled empty.
I would say the transhumanists envision dandling great-great-great-great-grandchildren on their still-supple knees, but the movement tends to draw people who don't express much interest in old-fashioned reproduction.
1-2), and the dandling "sandalled / Shadow" projected on "meadow and river" (ll.
He rightly questions the dandling as being highly unlikely.
Buxtehude, however, brings to mind the dandling of a child upon the knee of a mother.
In another unusual sketch he is seen playing with a pet cat, dandling the long-haired and collared animal on his lap.
The sequences include infant play rhymes, lullabies, dandling rhymes, finger rhymes, counting-out rhymes, skipping rhymes, ball-bouncing rhymes, entertainment songs and rhymes, arch and ring game songs, choosing games, chasing and catching games, circle games with actions, clapping songs, and humorous items.
This device is introduced in the first scene, which begins "rather shockingly" (Godshalk 1971:2) with "Jupiter dandling Ganimed upon his knee", "pulling feathers out of Mercury's wing .
These may also depict people, frequently family groups, embracing couples, or mothers dandling infants.
Margo pictured herself sitting under a large, shaded rubber tree, dandling a cherubic black baby in her lap while Lewis vaccinated a long, patient, cheerful line of natives.
Sprawled on a sofa of his minimalist living room - all stripped roof beams, leather sofas, and wall-mounted flat-screen TV - dandling his vivacious two-year-old daughter Holly on his knee, Alix recalls, 'We were a middle-class family.
We might mourn the loss of the giant Mary of Pentecost, not dandling a baby on her knee but nurturing the whole brood of the church clustered around her.
Father-of-three Mr Cameron demonstrated his parenting skills by dandling six-month-old baby girl Humira on his knee at the centre's nursery.