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move (a baby) up and down in one's arms or on one's knees


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It turns out I used to dandle them on my knee when I worked in an orthopaedic hospital and they were treated there as babies.
My stamped mother used to fling to me All stones lead to home Go easy on the turtle pie gored down at doom temperature My stamped mother used to fling me and I her lump of muck would fling back all the riveted bones I could dandle on my wasted plea the chink of meat we knew that linked us to the junk going by (Yau 1992, 85-86)
They were one of the few bands I could dandle, and grew to actually like.
Thighs that No longer dandle, body becoming schist.
babble bubble burble cackle chuckle crackle dandle dribble drivel gabble gargle giggle gnarl gobble grumble gurgle jingle mumble popple pumble prattle rattle rustle sizzle snarl sniffle snuffle tinckle trickle warble whistle 2.
Amore might be the only reason to take this on when there are 12 grandchildren to dandle on one's knee and, if Massimino is to be believed, nothing left to prove.
One listened with skepticism to his claim that Churchill used to dandle him on his knee when Harold was a boy.
Is this so that, on some far off summer's day back home in Iowa or Tennessee, they can dandle their children on their knee and say "Looka.
The newspaper said two of the five ships, Dandle and Decretive, were detained in Malta and Hong Kong last month.
Parents looked on him as "an uncle" who'd dandle youngsters on his knee and hug and tickle them while slipping them sweets and pocket money.
Morss (1967) Measuring "Tax Effort" in Developing Countries (Evaluation de effort fiscal dandles pays en voie de development) (Medicion del "esfuerzotributario" de los paises en desarrollo).
When Orual's Greek tutor Fox first sees the baby Psyche, he thinks she is so beautiful that "Helen herself, new-hatched, must have looked so" (21); and later, as he dandles her on his knee, he sings that she is "prettier than Andromeda, prettier than Helen herself, prettier than Aphrodite herself" (23).
As she tends the baby, Matt, 35, dandles their three-year-old on his knee.