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So great to see David Cameron fan Frank Lampard and his missus Elen dandified to the max at Chelsea's party this week in costumes which couldn't help remind 3PM of those sported by another wellloved couple in happier times - shamed former press baron Conrad Black and his wife Barbara.
At their annual carnival in south-central Mexico, Tlaxcala Indians masquerade as dandified Europeans with rosy pink faces and don formal wear such as tuxedos and top hats.
While Gass might dismiss the diminution of the author's role that one finds in Barthes's "The Death of the Author," he in many ways--the dandified prose, the delight in maxims, the indeterminate generic forays--shares a good deal temperamentally and tactically with Barthes.
Rooted in the style established by golf's Scottish forebears - dandified knickers, tartan sweaters and argyle vests - G/FORE promotes a simple evolution: color.
Act II of Oscar Wilde's 1895 classic "An Ideal Husband" begins with Sir Robert Chiltem, a member of England's House of Commons, sharing the secret of his success with dandified bachelor Lord Goring son of Earl Caversham.
Sing's dandified clothes and his graceful speech along with the cruelty of his business thus make him a commanding figure.
To wit, after Kint is picked up outside the police station by his foreign and dandified associate, the man known as Kobayashi (Pete Posthelwaite) in his testimony, Kint smokes a cigarette effeminately.
The dandified old man in his embodiment of anti-bourgeois sentiment, behaviors, and values is Aschenbach's antithesis.
Comparing this with the coverage in the English press, we see the same reticence about the precise nature of Wilde's crime and a concomitant tendency to represent Wilde's body, especially his dandified mode of self-presentation, as the site of disturbance.
A dandified Irons could have wandered in from Dangerous Liaisons, while Thompson liquidises Julie Andrews, Susan Sarandon and Esther Rantzen.
They are also inclined to a somewhat dandified and bogus kind of religiosity.
One whose dandified aestheticism belies a questionable politics, a moral compass gone awry; who must be beaten back by decency and common sense.
On our north side swept the softer stones of New Town, all dandified Georgian crescents and terraces.
All of Washington's "public performances merely affirmed the 'rightness' of the Old and New South's claims for regional, philosophical difference from a dandified, industrial North.
Piper Laurie is outstanding as the self-destructive woman who finally teaches Felson humanity, earning a best actress nomination (losing to Sophia Loren for "Two Women"), while comic Jackie Gleason is a revelation as Minnesota Fats, prancing around the pool table with uncommon grace as the dandified king of the pool world, and George C.