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affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner

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For the modern boot is formed on a dandified idea of beauty, as it is understood at Paris and London, and not as it is exemplified by nature.
A grey dandified grade 920 D silica fume (which is a byproduct from the manufacture of silicon or ferro-silicon metal) was used.
Act II of Oscar Wilde's 1895 classic "An Ideal Husband" begins with Sir Robert Chiltem, a member of England's House of Commons, sharing the secret of his success with dandified bachelor Lord Goring son of Earl Caversham.
Sing's dandified clothes and his graceful speech along with the cruelty of his business thus make him a commanding figure.
To wit, after Kint is picked up outside the police station by his foreign and dandified associate, the man known as Kobayashi (Pete Posthelwaite) in his testimony, Kint smokes a cigarette effeminately.
The dandified old man in his embodiment of anti-bourgeois sentiment, behaviors, and values is Aschenbach's antithesis.
Comparing this with the coverage in the English press, we see the same reticence about the precise nature of Wilde's crime and a concomitant tendency to represent Wilde's body, especially his dandified mode of self-presentation, as the site of disturbance.
A dandified Irons could have wandered in from Dangerous Liaisons, while Thompson liquidises Julie Andrews, Susan Sarandon and Esther Rantzen.
They are also inclined to a somewhat dandified and bogus kind of religiosity.
What its actors would have warmed to, however, was the impulsive lyrical expressiveness of Tatyana, the melodramatic effusions of Lensky, the narcissistic, dandified gestures of Onegin--all realities of Romantic-era behavior that Pushkin had "caught" in his stanzas and that begged to be acted out.
Thomas Wolfe, the adjectival Tar Heel, not the dandified Virginia expositor of The Right Stuff, philosophized in his execrably titled You Can't Go Home Again that "A man learns a great deal about life from writing and publishing a book.
Charming, cultivated, dandified, sexually voracious and abnormally aware" (Les Brookes 2009: 132), vampires are liminal figures with transgressive energies since they mirror the dissidence encoded in aesthetic effeminacy.
One whose dandified aestheticism belies a questionable politics, a moral compass gone awry; who must be beaten back by decency and common sense.
Yet when John Henry calmly eats his self-portrait, he seems to accept the different possible versions of himself with apparent ease: dandified queer child, freakishly grotesque, or just like every other kid.
A woman was chosen for Dylan's going-electric role because as Haynes says "you see this strangely anxious dandified hyperactive creature" (IFC 2007) in the videos of Dylan during that period.