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large room used mainly for dancing

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If both Breeze's Brixton Wife poem and "Slam Poem" dub their pretexts, Breeze's rejoinder to "Who Am I," might further be thought of as her entering into a kind of poetic sound clash--an "onstage competition between rival dee-jays and sound systems contending for mastery before a discriminating audience" (Cooper, Sound 35), with Beenie Man, the self-proclaimed but wildly popular, Grammy-award-winning King of the Dancehall, whose stage name ironically means Shorty.
With bringing in writers and producers from other musical genres, I've been able to get their interpretations of dancehall and present it to the world.
The dancehall duo will be accompanied by DJ Teddy Jam, DJ Rizal from Miami and Kenya's first lady of dancehall DJ Ebony, plus the sound of the future Adonai.
It was just a little gathering," an employee at the Cowboy Dancehall told People, adding that the all-star athlete sipped cocktails and danced.
Dancehall has evolved into something that doesn't have reggae's influence and spirit, it more takes its influence from American hip hop and I don't like it.
Pain & Suffering" features dancehall artist I-Octane, which brings a great balance of melodic tone from both artists.
Nonetheless, Love Mi Browning remains historicized as the dancehall anthem that reified light skin/light skinned women in Jamaica.
Given the sparsity of academic literature on the Jamaican Dancehall culture and music by Jamaican academics and Jamaican cultural critics, Hope's contribution is both critical and timely, in debunking some of the racist stereotypes that exist on Dancehall produced mostly by foreigners.
DanceHall: From Slave Ship to Ghetto" analyzes the development of DanceHall, which has both spawned a cultural movement as well as a new genre and effect on music.
There are still hints of Paul Simon's Graceland, but Jamaican dancehall and Californian ska-punk add punch.
It attracted top dancehall acts including Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man.
Summary: How chicken nuggets, TV and dancehall music fuel Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth.
Rommen considers two traditions that are "foreign" to Trinidad: North American gospel music and gospel music done in the Jamaican dancehall style.
FOR DANCEHALL stars, breaking out of Jamaica's local sound-clash scene is a dream achieved by a slight few.
You can hear The Fear Nuttin' Band's influences all over "No," a song fueled by a particularly fierce reggae influence that reaches all the way back to the harder of the old ska sound, enhanced by hip-hop and dancehall production styles and a sweltering guitar line.