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Formed in Coventry in 1979, The Selecter combined catchy, danceable tunes with political lyrics and a positive message of multiculturalism.
New York-based Japanese punk bands' The Asterplace, Platform One and Uzuhi were slated to take the stage, playing original alternative and danceable rock music.
Lord knows just how much best crockery has met its end each time the inescapably danceable Baggy Trousers has filtered through the speakers or how many of you have put your back out while doing the moves.
The music is very danceable, I liked the track and was able to go in and record it in a very low-key studio," she said.
The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, which organizes the festival, is great at finding street corners, alleyways, and parks that you never thought were danceable.
Sonic indie pop that tries hard to be not of this earth and manages that laudable aim as we trip off from shimmering guitars through soft white noise to the most intriguing moment of all, a joyful, danceable knees-up of current single Shuffle that even gets a banjo involved.
Despite opening with older tracks like the nonsensically danceable Terra Firma and the catchy Weekends and Bleak Days, this was a decent showcase for their new record, Ornaments From The Silver Arcade.
for his father) to the unique versien of El Cuarto de Tula and the danceable tune titled La Jeva.
This gig is 1980 UK style two-tone ska which will include songs with the edgy punk attitude of the early Specials and an upbeat, danceable mixture of fun-time tunes like classic Madness or Bad Manners.
The first set of songs is industrial, danceable and heavy in places, with single Wrong the perfect example.
Following 200s's Dimanche a Bamako, recorded with Spanish collagist Manu Chao, this bracing album from the blind Malian couple gracefully blends everything from traditional instruments like kora and balafon to cellos and trombones, generating hypnotic, danceable layers of sound.
Some may remember Hilson from Usher's video Love In This Club and it is not surprising that her music is very danceable.
An early career finding danceable solutions for the loved-up generation has served Tom and Ed well.
Chantal writes and performs a vibrant style of alluring, danceable pop music that has been a hit on dance floors and pop charts internationally including the song "You Want Me" which went to #4 on the UK Dance Charts.
Set to a danceable CD featuring hot tracks from the likes of Nelly Furtado and Smash Mouth, the exercise program sure got kids moving--to the tune of 249,220,144 minutes .