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Since his music became popular in the 1960s, traditional tango purists have criticized Piazzolla's new and imaginative tango compositions and arrangements, citing his sometimes self-indulgent focus on his own instrument and chiding him for undermining the tango's seductive danceability.
He so beautifully captures the positive vibe, sophisticated quality, and utter danceability of the thriving West Coast scene via stick-in-your-head singles (Rithma's "Love and Music"), rare finds (the Pound Boys featuring Thea Austin's "Funky Music"), and his own underground hits ("It's You, Ifs Me"), resulting h, a must-have mix for those looking for something left of the circuit center.
The qualities she is famed for are passion, rhythm, humour and danceability and her trombone will be the dominant voice at Sunday's concert in Coventry.
While Weirdbag is difficult to categorise, the one thing it guarantees is danceability.
I liked breaking it down to playing with just a piano player or just a guitar, but after a while you miss the power of the band, the danceability and the groove.
A second Dancing Wheels company, called Danceability, has been established in Atlanta; a third is being developed with Ben Vereen's performing arts school in Chicago.
Among the programs, the Maude Kerns Art Center, Oregon Contemporary Theatre and the Community Center for the Performing Arts (WOW Hall) each receive $6,000, while the Eugene Springfield Youth Orchestras and DanceAbility International will receive $3,500 each.
The fact that Mustard (whose real name is Dijon McFarlane) came up as a DJ in the youth-oriented LA jerkin scene helps explain the consistent danceability of his music and focus on pleasing the crowd.
Hot Chip live also have a persuasive percussive edge that gives added danceability.
13 and DanceAbility International's performance by people of all abilities on Aug.
eMusic program curators can now use The Echo Nest's Playlist and Taste Profiling engine to create and enhance eMusic Radio programs efficiently, based on artist connections, song similarity, mood, style and detailed acoustic attributes: tempo, energy, danceability, time signature, and key.
20: Danceability International, mixed abilities dance performance.
The titles in this disc have been chosen for their positive lyrics, their danceability, and their broad appeal to both kids and teens.
A 10-minute premiere of new choreography by Alito Alessi, artistic director of DanceAbility International, will be performed as part of a free dance showcase during June's First Friday ArtWalk in downtown Eugene, from 6 p.
No wonder: It has a sweep and magnificence, a symphonic scale, and a measure of danceability that ranks with Tchaikovsky himself.