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a bare floor polished for dancing

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When it was reopened as the Tic Toc in 1987, after being a Bingo hall for a few years, they lifted up the carpet and discovered this dance-floor.
As Sheryl Lee Ralph sings on her 1994 dance-floor remix of her earlier techno dance classic "In The Evening," New York--life in the city can be so hard, But after dark .
You get the "original," but you also get another four or five originals, or the 1994 remixes of a 1993 dance-floor favorite or a 1979 classic.
One of the most influential clubs in the history of dance music, the Garage placed the spotlight firmly where it belonged: on the entire dance-floor experience, especially the music.
And the disco-inspired notion that music could, and should, be manipulated after it was recorded--in dance-floor segues and overlays or in long, rhythm-happy remixes--resurfaced with the birth of hip-hop.
It shows him, quite portly, slouched on a banquette on the dance-floor level, a white hat pulled down to cover his eyes, as if the swirl of dancers in front of him is too much to take.