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Collision members will visit venues to teach dance steps they need to form a line.
There was one little girl and she was so little and so cute and she almost did the dance step, not quite, but I couldn't let her go.
It came from a tap dance step I learned at Max Rivers studio.
White hats and black hats alike exit the stage with a hitch or a clickety-clack dance step.
They are starring in the hit musical Dirty Dancing at Venue Cymru and stepped out of the theatre to show off their dance steps on the promenade.
Kellie has a tough schedule as she continues filming while learning dance steps.
THRILL to the dazzling dance steps, traditional Irish music and the moving sound of the Young Irish Tenors with the spectacular stage show Rhythm of the Dance.
23 ( ANI ): Kevin Bacon recently re-enacted his famous dance steps from his musical drama movie 'Footloose' on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
Mark said: "Entertaining arena audiences with my ever evolving dance steps will be a fantastic way to start the New Year.
The pair have created FitSteps - a fun exercise class based around many of the dance steps and styles familiar to millions of Strictly fans.
ABBEY Clancy has been practising her dance steps in front of husband Peter Crouch - but has warned him NOT to teach her his celebrated Robot" routine.
Summary: A beginners' jazz class Monday evening evolved slowly, progressing from what looked like a series of stretching exercises to sequences of dance steps set to increasingly up-tempo music.
Some of the dance steps are already being used by dancers but incorporating two to four dance steps to make a unique dance move with its own name, which we ourselves gave, that's something that's unique to this attempt," Suresh Kumar, artistic director at Step N Groove, told Gulf News.
I'm not thinking about dating at the moment, I'm just thinking about the dance steps.
The third updated edition of Teaching Children Dance provides a fine survey for student learners and teachers alike, and explains the basics of how to teach children of all ages the movements and music that translate to dance steps.