dance of death

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a medieval dance in which a skeleton representing death leads a procession of others to the grave

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It's very aware of itself and gleefully toys with our expectations as it leads us on its merry dance of death.
Organized around the themes of trauma and healing, the show takes as its centerpiece Kentridge's 2015 video installation More Sweetly Play the Dance, a contemporary interpretation of the medieval Dance of Death.
In early trials it was a dance of death leading to no useful result, and what was worse, without yielding any clue as to what was wrong.
And with it, the dance of death in Syria can also be stopped.
Teale, 54, previously starred alongside Sir Ian in Dance Of Death, and his theatre accolades include the 1997 Tony Award for best actor for his role in A Doll's House.
Party's provincial General Secretary and former opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin Khan addressing a joint rally in Lahore said that dance of death is continuing in Karachi due to the worst load-shedding of electricity, rulers who made false claim to give electricity in 6 months are now coming up with lame excuses to cover up their inefficiency and failure.
The opening movement quite rightly emphasised the music's folklore narrative, the andante was full of veiled fantasy launched by the whispering tones of the CBSO strings, and the finale was a louche dance of death, the pearly bass-drum obbligato grimly delivered by Andrew Herbert.
Sharply etched dance of death on the streets of New York.
Simon Rattle hypnotises and mesmerises as the dance of death approaches, ending with grinding power and slashing percussion.
This volume covers later plays written after Strindberg's years of madness, and marking his movement from naturalism to symbolic and psychological theatre: To Damascus I, Crimes and Crimes, The Dance of Death I, A Dream Play, The Ghost Sonata, and The Pelican.
In the end Death will of course come to Tamburlaine himself, the sea of his victims no longer being sufficient to sate the grim reaper, and he too must perish, ambiguously saying that he, as God's "scourge" "must die" He thus necessarily will take his part in the Dance of Death, the popular iconography formerly painted in the Pardon Churchyard at St.
The JKPFL Chairman regretted that while a naked dance of death was going on in Kashmir, the world powers looked mum.
But to name a few, The Wheel of Darkness, The Book of the Dead, Dance of Death, and Brimstone give you an idea how these fellows can write fearful books, just by the titles
This novel takes up where Dance of Death leaves off, with Pendergast incarcerated in a federal prison for crimes committed by his equally gifted but pathologically twisted brother, Diogenes.
When terrorists attacked on September 11, 2001, gay British actor Ian McKellen was working in New York City rehearsing for his role as Helen Mirren's husband in the Broadway production of Dance of Death.