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a professional teacher of dancing

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This was the one place where he had not managed to burn all of his bridges because of broken promises and financial improprieties, the one place where he still had enough old friends and grateful students from the glory days of the 1920s; people that he could always count on for a de facto handout via a tribute banquet or a "Jubilee" honoring the old dance master.
STAR: Stephen Garrity in action and with his Dance Master awards Pictures by IAN McINTYRE
The Wedding Workshop First Dance Master Class aims to teach brides and grooms handy hints and tips to create basic steps for their special day.
It was also a pleasure to see Michael O'Hare, now dance master, back in his clogs in the role he created - Will Mossop - in Bintley's Hobson's Choice.
Fresh from supporting Lily Allen (she liked Vile, his answer record to Smile) and dates with fellow dance master Calvin Harris, Example, better known as Elliot John Gleave, is a man with ambitions.
The best illustration of this practice is the notebook of a French dance master who was working in Brussels circa 1614-19, which contains twenty-seven folios of over four hundred and fifty dance figures for five to sixteen dancers recorded in this manner.
Controversial American dance master and choreographer Stephen Petronio said: "Radiohead's music is a brilliant investigation of achingly modern taste.
uk We are offering five Culture Club members (plus guest) the opportunity to join an Irish Dance master class with Suzanne Cleary on Tuesday June 17 at noon at the Theatre Royal.
98, 44-minutes) features certified dance master Gypsy Clark in three twelve-minute dances (plus simple warm-up and cool-down routines) that are energetic and easy-to-follow.
Dance master Matthew Castillo patiently coached the boys and girls, lined up on opposite sides of the school's multipurpose room, on the steps of swing dancing.
Choreographic classics marking the 50th anniversary of dance master Paul Taylor will be performed by the touring Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company at UO on Tuesday.
THE dance master DJ behind the most irritating and soon-to-be chart-topping hit of the year defended his mega-selling routine yesterday.
Negri even mentions Alessandro Barbetra, who served as the Duke's dance master (Negri, 4).
Oakenfold," remixed by cutting-edge dance master, Paul Oakenfold.
Also lifting a runners-up trophy was Ben Holloway, 18, who came second at the Dance Master 2015 UK finals, held at the same venue on the same date.