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a lesson in dancing

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It is almost impossible to convey the many benefits that Arthur Murray students have received as a result of their dance lessons," said Kam Cho, owner of the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Schaumburg.
Each of their families will have private dance lessons with Usher.
On May 12 she would have been 80 and I realised it was 60 years ago, when she was 20, that we met at a dance lesson.
Dance lesson with choreographer to take place in London.
Dance lessons in schools have traditionally meant reluctant pupils being forced to glide around the gym waving a chiffon scarf by only slightly less embarrassed teachers.
After the remark, she signed up for what she jokingly calls "hundreds of dance lessons," covering everything from the tango to salsa.
It was not easy and at one point he had to carry on his interview as Jackson, 44, insisted on giving him a dance lesson.
You will also receive a private voice or dance lesson with a Broadway cast member, orchestra seats for Radio City Music Hall's "The Christmas Spectacular", a private helicopter ride, orchestra seats for "Spamalot", meals at various New York restaurants and more.
She vanished while bicycling to a dance lesson and her remains were later found in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills.
It would have to include, I imagine, Anna Pavlova, Tamara Karsavina, and Olga Spessivtseva, all of whom I have only seen on film--although I did once see Karsavina perform mime scenes from Le Corsaire, among other ballets, and that was a dance lesson in itself.
The Bookfest will feature performances by Parachute Express, the Los Angeles Children's Museum Theatre Project, award-winning Jewish puppeteer Len Levitt (who will also conduct a puppet-making workshop), and an Israeli dance lesson.
Ubell's own introduction to dance didn't happen until she was eighteen and, as Ubell tells the story, her first dance lesson was almost her last.
Lustre has been upping her dance game with G-Force, with one of her dance lessons going viral when she joined the sexy 'White Shirt Love' class.
Anchor dance studio has been providing the best dance lessons in North Jersey since 1978.
The local K T Dance Academy, which holds classes in both Lindley and Holmfirth, offers top quality dance lessons for young children and helps to develop balance and co-ordination as well as improve overall health and fitness.