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large room used mainly for dancing

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Another dance hall was Bambra in Foleshill Road (now a temple).
The dance halls still thrived and in Redcar we had the Coatham Saturday night dance which was the big deal of the week.
Three Spirit Lake dance halls are among the photographs.
In June 1956 we printed a story of how a 70-strong gang of Teddy Boys were on the warpath and turned a dance hall into a battlefield, causing the cancellation of weekend dances at the St Andrew's Institute in Hebburn.
One time the situation got really out of hand and us Cardiff boys had to get out of the dance hall very quickly to save our skins.
THE dance halls of Durham City will come alive with a music and dance extravaganza this weekend with the launch of a brand new weekend festival titled 'DJam' The North East Lindy Festival.
This book takes us back to the days of the Irish dance halls in Boston when, within one venue, another kind of popular Irish-American music hybrid catered to an Irish and Irish American audience.
Written by an experienced jazz and dance band researcher, That Toddlin' Town covers big names such as Edgar Benson, Jules Stein and James Petrillo, and more, as well as the endeavors of dance bands, the role of early dance halls, ice rinks, and beer gardens, how dance bands earned popular respect, the impact of the Great Depression, and much more.
I lived in Bedlinog and I often organised coach trips to various dance halls around the South Wales valleys.
As Hickey tells it, "Irmalee Davis ignored her husband's complaints and frequented Atlanta's dance halls at all hours of the night.
The rebates would return a total of $425,000 to arcades, dance halls, gun shops, pawnbrokers and other businesses whose permit renewal fees were hiked in November, some by as much as 1,000 percent.
Apprehension about moral decay was scarcely new, but sex-education activists in the early 1900s focused attention on the moral (sexual) dereliction of middle-class males, who frequented dance halls and worse, rather than on the destructive lusts of the "perishing classes," and in this way they imparted a new urgency to sex education.
This is a change for businesses from being classified with dance halls, pool halls, and other entertainment and recreation.
Clearly, this is a band that is first and foremost a performing band geared toward getting folks in Louisiana and Texas dance halls up on their feet and shaking their chassis to the two-step beat.