dance floor

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a bare floor polished for dancing

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A BOY of 15 was attacked on the dance floor at a council-run disco for under-18s, a murder trial jury was told yesterday.
Unfortunately, you couldn't tell from the jewelry if he actually had any coke--that was the downside of the fashion statement, At Studio 54 a huge half-moon with a spoon dangling from it loomed over the dance floor.
The situation escalated after an argument erupted on one of two crowded dance floors over a stolen necklace.
While putting us in touch with the joy of love's discovery, Cardwell reminds us that divas too can find lesbian love on the dance floor.
The attack came after an elder was caught prancing on a dance floor on the Isle of Lewis.
He further cited the defendants for "grossly negligent and reckless conduct" in not providing timely medical assistance or securing an ambulance when Maurizio was convulsing on the dance floor.
thousands of people are crowding dance floors in some of the most unlikely places: a Studio City lodge, a Santa Monica pub, a tiny Hollywood restaurant.
Tables and chairs with elaborate wrought-iron backs also ring the dance floor on the same level.
Hanging above the dance floor are what Perini calls metal trusses, but look more like space ships suspended in air.
Teens sporting leis packed the dance floor grooving to music ranging from hip-hop to disco to salsa to surf hits.
Previous tenants spent over $600k on this masterful build-out of a Bar, Lounge, Dance floor & walk in Humidor.
This venue will have seating for 275 guests, a full stage for Michael Martin Murphey and the Rio Grande Band and a beautiful dance floor.
And the bar itself doubles as the dance floor, where both bartenders and even customers perform.
on a recent Tuesday, Paul Schell, the DJ and resident girl-fight referee, clears the dance floor and calls out the night's first adversaries - LeeAnne Nelson, 24, and Tiffany Treadwell, 23.
Savanna, located in a remodeled former movie theater, will offer a 5,000-square-foot dance floor, a snack bar, and entertainment provided by local bands and DJs, its young operators say.