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And it was then that Sylvia decided to leave, in order to get married to fellow musician, drummer Don Hampson, leader of the Ambassadors Dance Band.
He joined the Northumbrian country dance band, Jack Armstrong's Barnstormers, as lead accordionist and arranger after moving North.
Following Chris Martin and Elbow earlier in the week, it was the turn of dance band Goldfrapp to entertain from the high altar.
He carried on singing after the dance band era finished and regularly performed sang at Harrowgate Hill Working Men's Club, in Darlington.
The Saudi folk band performed several dances to the admiration of the public while a Turkmenistan dance band also made fantastic shows.
There have been name changes - it has been known variously as The Albion Country Band and Albion Dance Band - and different personnel.
ALBION DANCE BAND Rockin' Barn Dance (Talking Elephant) LET'S be honest, there's no middle ground here.
The Annual CYCA Winter Ball will be held on Saturday 30 May from 7pm, again providing a night of dining and entertainment for members and guests, Entertainment will be provided by the New Trocadero Dance band, which will play until midnight.
Occidental Brothers Dance Band International Odo Sanbra pays tribute to the diversity of African musical styles, particularly those that flourished in the early 1900s, in Oda Sanbra, their energetic new album.
30 Newbury Scotland's best accordionist and dance band leader was born in Fife in 1908.
Folk dance band Juice will entertain the crowds and get feet tapping in front of the City Hall when the audience will be invited to dance away in a bid to create Wales' biggest Twmpath between 8.
The famed Ornina Dance Band will be performing folkloric dances from across the Arab world featuring Bedouin, Syrian, Lebanese and Gulf folk dances at The Gate in the DIFC on Monday, March 24 from 7pm to 8:30pm.
Ben, ex-lead singer with dance band Phats & Small, has been dating Vanessa for over a month.
When he was 16, dance band music was becoming very popular in Ireland and, after much persuasion, he talked his dad into buying him his first sax.
Written by an experienced jazz and dance band researcher, That Toddlin' Town covers big names such as Edgar Benson, Jules Stein and James Petrillo, and more, as well as the endeavors of dance bands, the role of early dance halls, ice rinks, and beer gardens, how dance bands earned popular respect, the impact of the Great Depression, and much more.