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slender non-stinging insect similar to but smaller than the dragonfly but having wings folded when at rest

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Interspecific differences in movement and hunting success in damselfly larvae (Zygoptera: Insecta): responses to prey availability and predation threat.
Damselfly mortality and growth rates in these cages when dragonflies are also present in them are indistinguishable from those in natural populations (McPeek 1990a, in review), suggesting that phenotypic selection measured in these cages should accurately reflect selection in natural populations.
The stunning picture of a damselfly Max Eve/BWPA/www.
Y fursen las asur, Coenagrion puella, Azure Damselfly yn Afon Nodwydd
Errata and addenda: Updated illustrated checklist of Dragonflies of the UAE--including a third species of Ischnura damselfly.
Simultaneous Quaternary radiations of three damselfly clades across the Holarctic.
With so many damselfly and dragonfly species found in New York, you don't need to be a dragonfly expert nor travel far to spot and identify these fascinating, flying, eating machines.
Large Red Damselfly males defend their perch sites from male interlopers and wait for potential mates.
The southern damselfly has seen numbers fall by almost a third (30%) in the UK since 1960, and is globally threatened.
CUTLINE: David Small, president of the Athol Bird and Nature Club, examines a damselfly during a nature walk Saturday.
You could also see many of the UK's species of butterfly, dragonfly and damselfly.
At least one new breed, the small red-eyed damselfly, has now spread as far north as Yorkshire.
With both her wings and her pacifistic nature gone, the Damselfly wants revenge on those who brutalized and butchered her and murdered her people.
The boys had to identify what lives beneath the surface of a pond and found a whole host of aquatic creatures such as damselfly nymphs and a water scorpion.
In this article we report details surrounding the addition of the dragonfly Arigomphus lentulus (Stillwater Clubtail) and damselfly Lestes forficula (Rainpool Spreadwing) to the Mississippi fauna, which brings the total Anisoptera (dragonflies) to 94 spp.