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slender non-stinging insect similar to but smaller than the dragonfly but having wings folded when at rest

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The photograph of a blue-tailed damselfly, by 10-year-old Max Eve from Hexham, won the under-12s prize in the prestigious annual competition.
The photograph of a bluetailed damselfly, by tenyear-old Max Eve from Hexham, won the under-12s prize in the prestigious annual competition.
By the way, Young's the brewers, who produced the Damselfly lager (it's 5% strength), have produced other odd beers.
Another discovery in the same week in two different sites in Fujairah found a tiny colorful damselfly called Ischnura nursei.
A total of 43 dragonfly and damselfly species were collected and identified.
Even a stickbug and a damselfly are story characters and subjects of the lush watercolor illustrations.
The Fund also supports conservation projects for species about which very little is known such as the Kauri redcoat damselfly (New Zealand), Bulburin (macadamia) nut (Australia), and the Rainbow goodeid fish (Mexico).
A little girl waves the flag as the torch passed through Blaenau by Rory Trappe Emerald Damselfly by Ann@Plas Gwernoer (Ann Millen) Vincent Phillips' son fishing at Cable Bay on Anglesey by Cassini2008 Untitled by xchaplinx Soul mates by anthony bradley1 Summer joy by Mel Garside
We successfully and efficiently reared large numbers (1,000+) of the coenagrionid damselfly, Ischnura ramburii (Selys), from adults mated in the laboratory through emergence of their offspring while streamlining or eliminating some of these previously published recommendations.
Watch in wonder as the Darwin beetle in Chile fights off other males up a 25ft-high tree and a damselfly tries to mate and lay her eggs in just one day.
The winner of this year's awards is Ross Hoddinott, for his image entitled Damselfly Silhouette.
The crepuscular damselfly Enallagma vesperum Calvert, was studied to document and clarify mating behavior.
Key words: Argia, Coenagrionidae, Odonata, damselfly, phylogeny.
Thanks to the initiative, which was an extension of an existing wetlands area, the park will be able to support a greater variety of wildlife, including a diverse range of species such as damselfly, reed warblers and kingfishers.