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Molecular phylogeny of the humbug damselfishes inferred from mtDNA sequences.
Species boundaries and evolutionary lineages in the blue green damselfishes Chromis viridis and Chromis atripectoralis.
Two new species of damselfishes (Pomacentrus), with comments on the validity of two additional pomacentrid fishes.
Exploring the radiation of a diverse reef fish family: Phylogenetics of the damselfishes (Pomacentridae), with new classifications based on molecular analyses of all genera.
2001) also found that temperature did not appear to be a causal factor driving spatial differences in demography of damselfishes in the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean.
Two new damselfishes (Perciformes: Pomacentridae) from Arabian waters.
Fixed allele frequency differences among Paluan and Okinawan populations of the damselfishes Chrysiptera cyanea and Pomacentrus coelestis.
Two new damselfishes of the genus Chromis (Perciformes: Pomacentridae) from the South Pacific.