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the last, it appears that revenues per trip for hogfish, jawfish, and surgeonfish have increased while those for damselfish, butterflyfish, and drum have declined slightly.
Myrberg (1972) found that damselfish Eupomacentrus partitus yawned when making transitions between various social behaviors such as agonistic responses and nest entrances/exits, a finding confirmed by Baenninger (1987) in Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens.
Redescription and synonymy of the western Atlantic damselfish Chromis flavicauda (Gunther).
2010) demonstrated 2 parent-offspring pairs in the bicolor damselfish (Stegastes partitus, Poey 1868) at 2 sites in the Bahamas, indicating that larvae produced from this marine reserve settled within its boundaries.
1988 pulchripinnis (lemon tetra, Characidae) Lepomis gibbosus Fox and Crivelli, 1998 (pumpkinseed, Centrarchidae) Pogonias cromis Nieland and Wilson, 1993 (black drum, Sciaenidae) Seriphus politus DeMartini and Fountain, 1981 (queenfish, Sciaenidae) Stegastes partitus Cole and Sadovy, 1995 (bicolor damselfish, Pomacentridae) Tilapia zillii Coward and Bromage, 1999 (redbelly tilapia, Cichlidae) (1) Crabtree, R.
Washington, June 21 (ANI): Damselfish maintain algae gardens and they weed, harvest and defend them, a new study reveals.
Fishes in the wrasse, parrotfish and damselfish families, among others, play vital roles as custodians of coral reefs.
In the first 30 minutes of snorkeling inside the reef, we spied a sea turtle, stingray, barracuda, green moray eel and the ubiquitous reef fish: zebras, clownfish, parrotfish, tangs and damselfish.
Damselfish V Chromis cyanea Blue chromis V Chromis multilineata Brown chromis V Microspathodon chrysurus Yellowtail damselfish V Pomacentrus sp.
There are rainbow angelfish, pastel parrotfish, lapis-blue damselfish, silvery jacks, yellow porgies and translucent needlefish.
You'll also see porcupine fish, groupers, red drum, damselfish, French angelfish, and blue tang.
The damselfish genus Chromis is the largest of the family Pomacentridae.
The densities of lemon damselfish (Pomacentrus moluccensis) found on highly complex coral reefs with predators were similar to densities found on reefs where predators were excluded, indicating that these complex coral habitats provided protection for this species (Beukers and Jones, 1997).
Sexual selection and reproductive success in males of the bicolor damselfish, Eupomacentrus partitus (Pisces: Pomacentridae).