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Synonyms for damply

in a damp manner


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My green and yellow Eid sari flaps damply between two palm trees.
To hold the sun''s spears in it''s hands To thunder provide a home Yet drift aimlessly over mountain top Lie morose on invisible bed Clasp damply indented coastlines Betroth that rivers and streams are fed So, gather clouds
This meant that I was not in a position to say "I told you so" as we damply awaited the start on the Central Motorway which, in turn, no doubt saved me from a considerably worse injury than a mere sprained ankle.
Instead, he soon ousted the more experienced Martyn Roberts and finished the season having made 17 appearances - a rare bright spark in an otherwise damply smouldering campaign for the Scarlets.
The mylar plume on my shako would cling to itself damply.
I am certain he bathes, of course, for I have seen him drive to work smartly groomed, clean-shaven and hair still clinging damply to forehead.