damping off

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a plant disease caused by a fungus

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The combination treatment between the six Trichoderma isolates and Fusarium sp F2 showed high levels of reduction in pre and post emergence damping off in seedlings (Fig.
This study intends to meet the challenge of research to define and implement a cost effective and sustainable non-chemical strategy for controlling Rhizoctonia damping off of tomato on smallholder vegetable farming in Kenya.
Damping off can be a problem when growing lily seedlings.
Muller]}, spring melting out [caused by Drechslera poae (Baudys) Shoem], seedling damping off (caused by Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Fusarium spp.
Seedlings started indoors in pots are especially susceptible to a fungus disease called damping off, which causes young plants to suddenly wilt and die.
Use a fan to keep the air circulating in the greenhouse to prevent damping off and botrytis diseases.
For the other half, damping off was the most prevalent cause of mortality, followed by herbivory [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Rhamnolipids Producing PGPR and their Role in Damping off Disease Suppression
After their initial watering, cover with polythene or a piece of glass to retain moisture until the seedlings emerge, then remove to avoid excess humidity which encourages fungal diseases such as damping off.
SEED-STARTING MIX--Because young seedlings are prone to damping off diseases (see "Preventing Fungus Problems;' Page 42), you'll get better results if you start your seeds in a commercial seed-starting mix.
Seedlings affected by damping off pathogens were recognized by the characteristic symptoms of initial necrosis of the stem close to the ground, darkening leaves and leaf fall.
QEvery spring I have problems with my seedlings damping off.
If you sow the seed in old compost, or dirty pots as soon as the seeds germinate they fall like flies as they succumb to damping off diseases.
5Keep the greenhouse fan going where late-flowering chrysanthemums are coming into bloom to prevent damping off.
Damping off is that maddening fungal infection that makes seedlings wilt and die just as you thought you'd succeeded.